Changes on I-35 Ramps in San Marcos

By Amanda Forbes
News Reporter

The Texas Department of Transportation is making changes to the I­-35 entrance and exit ramps on the north end of San Marcos. A new northbound exit ramp to River Ridge Parkway will be built and the existing northbound entrance ramp will be relocated. The northbound frontage road between River Ridge Parkway and Loop 82 will be reconstructed as well.

35 road
Photo by Holly Henrichsen

Kelli Reyna, the Public information officer for TxDOT, said the construction would create additional distance for cars to weave and merge off the main lane.

“The overall purpose of the project is to improve safety and mobility,” Reyna said. “We all know that I-35 is one of the most congested corridors in the state of Texas and everything we’re doing is focused on trying to transform that highway into a safe, effective and efficient roadway.”

Reyna said the project is currently in the schematic design stage and public feedback is encouraged before the project moves into construction. The project is expected to go out for bid in the spring of 2018 and could be completed by the summer of 2019.

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