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By Amanda Hill
Blog Content Contributor

Who doesn’t love a nice tan, cooling off in the water and the feeling of no responsibility? Every student looks forward to the few months they get away from the stress of school.

As college students, everyone has a different way of spending their summer. Some of us go back home to spend time with family, get a job to earn some extra cash, take summer classes to catch up on course work or just enjoy time off with friends. Although these are all great ways to spend your summer, too much leisure will prohibit opportunities for self-improvement and developing life skills. We all should take this time to pursue personal growth because this is the time in our lives that we should be flourishing the most and establishing ourselves as individuals.

Lack of a daily schedule and acquiring a habit of sleeping in late will make it impossible to get back into the semester schedule smoothly in August. These habits could affect our grades and study habits because we have altered our mindset away from persistence and productivity. It is important to keep your mind active and your schedule steady to maintain maximum productivity and avoid mid-summer boredom.

Many students don’t have the time to pursue extra opportunities during the semester. Summer time is the perfect opportunity for learning a new skill, establishing a network, finding a mentor or mastering a abilities your already obtain. Listed below are ideas to make summer 2016 your most productive summer yet.

KTSW Assistant music Director Allison Belcher
KTSW Assistant Music Director Allison Belcher is gaining work experience during her summer. Photo by Holly Henrichsen.

Intern for a Position That Relates to Your Degree

Employers are searching for people that have already been exposed to the daily tasks of the position they are hoping to be employed for. They prefer hands on experience, rather than just a good GPA or completion of coursework. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NAVE,) about 95 percent of employers take into consideration an applicant’s actual experience in the industry.

An internship will discard you from the “how-can-I-get-experience-if-I-have-no-experience” issue many students face as new graduates looking for employment. In fact, many internships lead to permanent positions with the company you intern with. Gaining experience in a professional setting will differentiate you from applicants that just have experience in a class room setting. So, go ahead and start pursuing an internship in the industry of your choice and develop a competitive edge against your

Master a Skill You Have Always Been Interested In

Taking classes in a subject you are interested in will infuse fulfillment into your summer. Self-improvement can lead to either discovering or pursuing your passion, which can lead to exciting new opportunities. Your local community college is a great way to gain experience in a subject that interests you at a low cost.

If you obtain a schedule that prohibits you from taking classes during the day, online courses will provide you flexibility along with an inexpensive price tag. There is a surplus of resources that allow for personal development. Dedicate a day to discovering the best way to commit to learning the new skill of your choice.

Qualify Yourself for the Perfect Job

Your summer time off is the perfect time to boost your resume for the career fairs in the upcoming fall. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, developing a professional network is essential to future career success. Take time to develop your brand as an individual and to highlight your skills to potential employers. Clean up your social media accounts to showcase your brand and establish a growing professional network. Doing these things will help you discover your strengths and allow you advance

Achievement Should Always be a Top Priority

Your momentum for achievement shouldn’t end with the semester. You should continue to grow your knowledge base and skill set as an individual. Continue to work on your life goals through out the weekdays during the summer to maintain a good habit of maintaining a schedule and progress.

Persistence will pay off in the upcoming semester and will allow you to accomplish more than you ever thought your could. Weekends can always be used for hanging with friends and playing in the sun, but your commitment towards self improvement will promise prosperity for you in the future. Use this slow time to dedicate to your specific interests and explore the world around you, and always remember to believe in your potential.

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