A Family Legacy Continues With Tanner Hill

By Destiny Castillo
Sports Reporter

Tanner Hill up to bat against UTSA on April 5, 2016. Photo by Madison Tyson.
Tanner Hill up to bat against UTSA on April 5, 2016. Photo by Madison Tyson.

Tanner Hill: first team All-State catcher at Canyon High School, leading first in batting average, first in slugging percentage, first on-base percentage and last but not least finishing First in RBI’s in the Sun Belt Conference for a collegiate season career ending high. Hill is no stranger at being number one, as he leaves nothing but a striving legacy for the Bobcats Baseball team. As we can see, baseball truly runs in the blood of the San Marcos native.

Hill is the true definition of a San Marcos, and a Texas State legacy. Both his mother and father attended Texas State University; playing collegiate sports and paving the way for their first born son to continue in their footsteps of a power house family of collegiate athletes. Hill set a solid platform as a young Canyon High School student. He was named 4A All-State all three seasons on the varsity baseball team, as well as First Team All-State catcher. Not only is he skilled on the baseball field, but Hill also took his talent to the football field where be played multiple positions on the team.  

Bobcat nation is more than thankful for Tanners leading success on the Baseball field, where he finished first in the Sun Belt Conference in RBI (37,) third in home runs (8,) and fifth in slugging percentage (.588.) What a power house! Tanner gave us victory as he tied for ninth in home runs and leading the team in batting average, slugging and RBI. He comes in second in hits and total bases (96,) and ties the school record with nine RBI in the game vs. UT Arlington.  

What a career high Tanner Hill has continued to live up to and surpass as his time here as a Bobcat. As Bobcat fans we praise such a young athlete doing great things for the Athletic program, and we hope to see more of Tanner’s success for seasons to come.

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