San Maximum: Glass Bottom Boat Rides

By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

In order to have the maximum San Marcos experience, everyone must go on a glass bottom boat tour. Yes, the boats do have glass bottoms. The glass allows people to see straight to the bottom of Spring Lake to see hundreds of springs at the bottom. It truly is miraculous to see a hole in the ground spraying out as much water as it does. Boat tours are open to the public seven days a week. So instead of sitting on your couch at home, go to the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment to get a boat tour.

Glass Boat Kids
Photo by Austin Cowan

The glass bottom boat rides are an extremely unique activity to do. Spring Lake is the lake that the boats float around in, and the lake is just overflowing with springs, turtles, fish and scuba-divers. Along the boat ride every person will see a couple hundred springs, some which spit out as much water as a firehose! Spring Lake is the most densely turtle populated lake in America, so if you want a see turtles, than this is the place to go.

Boat AC
Photo by Austin Cowan

The Meadows Center is one of the locations which built the town I love. Spring Lake is such a unique place environmentally that you need a heart of stone to not appreciate the place. Going on a boat tour is always a different experience because each tour guide will give people a different experience from the others. This is another reason why I love this place, because boredom is nearly impossible here.

Where is Spring Lake?

Location: 201 San Marcos Springs Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666

“Water is What We Do”
The Meadows Center for Water and The Environment

One thought on “San Maximum: Glass Bottom Boat Rides

  1. So, what is the prospect of finding water Pokemon here? I know this is a really old lake that has had inhabitants back to the Stone Age. DOes that mean that you can find Relicanths? I know they are not a part of the original 150. But I figure such a unique place might have something cool like that there.

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