Illustrate Your Mission to Find Fulfillment Everyday

By Amanda Hill
Blog Content Contributor

Businesses have mission statements, companies have slogans and manufacturers have trademarks. Without an identifier, a company would be lost and unable to achieve success.

If a business must establish themselves for staying ‘alive,’ then we as individual’s should do the same. Defining your ‘mission’ will guide you through life, maintaining your sense of identity.

This outline will help guide the draft of your mission by being simple, direct and objective. It includes being specific so that the goals are attainable without being too narrow and inhibiting the seeking of other opportunities.  


Photo by Amanda Hill.
Photo by Amanda Hill.

I as an ___________________________(noun),  I have the desire to

accomplish ________________________(your dream), while developing

my skills to _________________________(your strengths), and correcting

my _________________________(your weaknesses).


I as an

Identifying the values behind your passions will define what you consider meaningful, and develop a life of purpose. This will allow you inspire others with your work. You can then group your values into categories to clarify the objective of your mission.

I have the desire to accomplish

What dreams are you ambitious about? No dream is too big unless you decide not to pursue it.

While developing my skills to

Some of us may not be aware what we’re instinctively proficient in. Clarifying your natural abilities can lead to discovering your unique purpose in life. Ask your friends and family what they notice as your natural talents.  


The purpose of this exercise is to find fulfillment on a daily basis. We all aim to pursue our dream, but we can easily get distracted in journey by forgetting the underlying ambition of that dream. It’s about living your life with purpose and feeling satisfied about what you accomplish in life. Take an afternoon this weekend to draft your mission and brainstorm ways to achieve that objective. Use the upcoming fall semester to discover ways to practice your interests and talents. Developing your skill sets today, will ensure success tomorrow.

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