Bobcats at the 2016 Sun Belt Conference Football Media Day

By Eddie Lerma
Assistant Sports Director

Texas State head football coach Everett Withers along with seniors Tyler Jones and Javante O’Roy represented the Bobcats at the 2016 Sun Belt Conference Football Media Day on Monday.

Both Jones and O’Roy answered questions to the local and national media about the upcoming season.

Tyler Jones described what he is looking forward to the most in regards to his senior season. “Hopefully we seal the deal this year with a bowl win,” said Jones.

Photo by Eddie Lerma

Jones also talked about the relationship he has had with new Offensive Coordinator Brett Elliott in the last couple of months. “It’s been a good family atmosphere environment so it’s just been good,” added Jones.

Javante O’Roy mentioned how the defensive unit can improve physically in the upcoming season.“We are putting most of our chips with how our workouts have been going over the summer and just pushing the limits,” said O’Roy.

Head coach Everett Withers answered some questions in regards to the fan base at Texas State and how #PartyInTheEndzone became about.

“Well I think anytime you start a program you try to excite your fan base and try to excite your alumni. We felt like we needed something to get our fan base excited about our program,” said Withers.

Withers mentioned that hashtags on Twitter is easy but the hard stuff is implementing a new culture and building the program.

“Now it’s about building your culture and building your brand and building your program,” said Withers.

Texas State Football fall camp will start August 8th.

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