The Journal You Need to Consider

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Going to college means becoming in charge of everything. For a new student, it can become confusing when trying to juggle between five or six college courses. It is especially difficult when you consider also having to keep track of finances, health and a social life. A bullet journal can help students prepare for a successful semester.

A bullet journal can be a combination of an agenda, diary, health tracker and much more. I came across the concept of a bullet journal while searching for creative ways to stay organized. It can be a simple or complex as you would like.

I wanted to use this organization system because I found myself keeping a ton of papers with different lists, including class assignments and reminders, and I had an empty agenda. The bullet journal seemed to be the answer to my problem of being unorganized.

Photo by Kimberly Garcia.
You can decorate your bullet journal to add pops of color and make it unique. Photo by Kimberly Garcia.

Some things I wanted to track in my bullet journal included class assignments, weekly goals, lists of movies I wanted to watch and my favorite quotes. I used a notebook I already owned and purchased pens to add some color.

I used a few pages to create lists of different goals I want to achieve or movies that I wanted to watch. Having different lists will help me remember what I wanted to do so I do not have to spend time looking for “that one movie with a cool storyline.”

I am excited to see how the bullet journal works for me this semester. I plan to use a different layout each week until I find the one that works best for me. It is important to remember that bullet journals are custom to the user. For example, one person may include a sleep log but since I do not find it useful for me, I would not include it in my journal. So if you decide that you would like to track how many shows you have binged watched in a month, a bullet journal is a tool you can use to stay up to date.

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