Rattlers Strike Back, Topping SA McCollum Cowboys 49-27

By Parker Rhea
Sports Reporter

The first play of the game for the Rattlers was definitely their worst, as they managed to fumble the kickoff giving the Cowboys great field position. That fumble ultimately led to a touchdown, putting the Cowboys up 7-0 rather quickly.

Photo by Valerie Figueroa.
Photo by Valerie Figueroa.

The Rattlers responded like a sleeping giant being awoken from his slumber abruptly as they managed to end the half up 35-7 over the undersized 5A Cowboys. Tyler Moreno was the definition of dual threat as he ran and threw all over the Cowboys, accumulating in a majority of the Rattlers’ touchdowns. Cowboy number 27 Calderon was all over the field for the Rattlers, making plays happen left and right. He had a monster suplex tackle that really put into context the way the Rattlers were dominating this game.

The fourth quarter was a chance for the second stringers to get in there and have some fun, which is what a team loves to be able to do.

The Rattlers improved to 2-3 on the season and finally start division play two Fridays from now against the Akins Eagles. That game will be at 7:30 p.m. on October 7. The Rattlers will get a much needed bye week to really focus in on the all-important first district game.

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