Protests Over Purgatory Creek in Photos

By Erica Fuchs

On September 6th, the San Marcos community gathered in front of City Hall to protest the building of a new HEB at the intersection of Hunter and Wonder World. As the location is an environmentally sensitive area that drains into Purgatory Creek, this site is prone to flooding. It’s also very close to an ancient Native American burial ground, endangered blind salamanders have been found in a well nearby, and it’s one of San Marcos’ treasured green spaces that are held dear to residents. Due to a combination of these reasons, the community assembled together to protest.

Being able to capture these photos allows us to see how much the community here in San Marcos cares. From the free food provided by one of the protesters, the kids holding “Don’t Harm Me HEB” signs, and to the music played by a protester with his guitar, this peaceful demonstration captured the effort and care that San Martians put into each other and the community.

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All photos by Erica Fuchs

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