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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

“Fishing is a must do sport for anyone who wishes to achieve the maximum San Marcos experience.” Photo by Jasmynne Flores

Fishing is a sport some people find as not that entertaining while many others can hardly stop themselves from spending their entire days out on the water. Fishing is a enjoyable activity for people of all ages and walks of life while bringing them together for a common purpose. San Marcos is an ideal location for the sport, because the two rivers which flow through it. There are many different methods of fishing, all of which contain their own strategies, rules and challenges. Whatever method an angler prefers there is a place in San Marcos where they can do it. So, fishing is definitely a must do sport for anyone who wishes to achieve the maximum San Marcos experience.

Angling is by far the most iconic method of fishing, because many people think of it when contemplating the sport. Personally, after being taught this method and teaching it to other people, this may be the easiest form of fishing out there. Some anglers simply put a worm on a hook and set it into the water hoping a fish will bite. Personally, I find sitting on a bank holding a pole with some bait in the water extremely boring. However, if this is the case make sure to bring some good friends and maybe a cooler full of drinks. Some anglers prefer to use dead bait instead of live bait. Flukes are always a good addition to a fisherman’s tackle box. Not using live bait can be more entertaining because a fisherman is forced to constantly cast the bait into the water and real it back while trying to move the bait as lifelike as possible in the water. Dead bait includes flukes, spinnerbait, crank bait, rattle traps, frogs, etc. One of the best things about fishing it that a fisherman never completely knows what kind of bait will be what the fish what every time the hit the water. Flukes are normally always a steadfast choice when fishing the San Marcos area. I have always got at least one fish while using a green fluke around these parts. Pole and Line fishing is possible in any part of the San Marcos and Blanco river which is legal to do so.

The best places to fly-fish on land are at Sewell Park, Rio Vista Park and Five Mile Damn. Photo by Austin Cowan

Fly-fishing is almost a completely different experience from angling. Instead of using the weight of a lure while casting the line is the weight used while casting. Be wise when fly fishing because this method requires an angler to have a backlash while casting. If there is trees, plants or anything else behind you while casting your bait may get caught. This method of fishing is honestly a ton of fun because, like pole and line, casting the bait and reeling it in to make it imitate a real piece of food is an enjoyable challenge. The bait used when fly fishing is generally smaller than pole and line, and many experienced anglers actually tie their own flies. The art of tying flies is a skill that is acquired through practice, however if you want to be a great fly fisherman than you have to learn how to do this sooner or later. The best places to fly-fish on land in the San Marcos area are Sewall Park, Rio Vista Park and parts of Five Mile Dam. These are the main parks where a fly fisher will have plenty of room to cast their lines without having to worry about it getting caught in anything while casting.

When fishing in Texas you must be mindful about the laws and regulations before putting some bait in the water. Buying a license is a necessity when fishing in public water. Honestly, buying a fishing license is a smart idea for anyone who plans to pursue this sport. Not only does a license allow you to fish legally it will give you information about where to fish legally. Having a park ranger stop a fishing trip, because someone does not have a license, is not fun for anyone involved. So, take my advice and look at the rules before doing so. Click here to buy a license.

Local fisherman with the catch of the day. Photo by Austin Cowan

Fishing can be performed on our off the water. Bank fishing is convenient because it requires less preparation and equipment than fishing on the water. Fishing on the water is more versatile than bank fishing because it allows a fisherman to access everywhere on the water instead of just the bank. When fishing on the water kayaks are often used. Kayaks can be expensive so if you do not want to mess with this water waders are a great alternative. They allow fishermen to walk around in the water without actually getting wet. River tubes are also used to do this. Fisherman use tubes as flotation devices to attach their equipment to as miniature version of rafts, than stand in the center of the tube and move around by walking on the bottom of the river or lake.

Fishing can be a fun activity for people of all ages. If you get the blessing of a chance to fish is San Marcos, take it. Fishing in San Marcos is one of the ways to get the maximum San Marcos experience.

Here is a list of some equipment you may need or want:

  • Needed
    • Rod
    • Real
    • Line
    • Fishing Hooks
    • Weights (fishing lever weights)
    • Bait (live or plastic)
    • Clothes (types of clothes depend on the weather and desired fishing method)
  • Recommended
    • Extra bait
    • Extra line
    • Scissors to but the line if needed to
    • Weight scale to measure the weight of fish caught
    • Camera
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses/safety glasses
    • Tackle box
    • Boat- Kayak
    • Water Waders
    • River toob

    Places to Purchase Equipment

    • Walmart
      • There is a Walmart inside San Marcos. This is a good place to get basic equipment.
    • Academy Sports & Outdoors
      • There is an Academy in San Marcos. This is a great place to get some fishing equipment.
    • Cabelas
      • This store is in Buda, TX which is a seventeen minute drive away from San Marcos. Cabelas is a wonderful store for your fishing needs.
    • DICK’S Sporting Goods
      • The closest store to San Marcos is in New Braunfels, TX. This is about a seventeen minute drive. Great place for fishing gear.
    • Bass Pro Shop
      • The closest store to San Marcos is in San Antonio, TX. This is about a fifty-five minute drive. This is the place to get any fishing supplies.

Featured image by Austin Cowan

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