Ophiucus: The 13th Zodiac Sign

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By Jourdan Bazley
Blog Content Contributor

Ophiucus: the newest constellation to be recognized as part of the 12 zodiac signs. Represented by a serpent bearer, or a man holding a snake, this constellation sits in between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Ophiucus has now surfaced as a new zodiac sign according to NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, because it was calculated that the sun does pass through Ophiucus when it leaves Scorpio on Nov. 29, and before entering Sagittarius just 18 days later, on Dec. 17. Though the Ophiucus constellation has been around since ancient Astrologers first recorded the zodiac signs, the sign has gone unrecognized.

Illustration by Joseph Bonney.
Illustration by Joseph Bonney.

Trying to discuss the new constellation, Ophiucus, will be a little bit difficult to do with someone that may not be familiar with what a Zodiac is. So let me begin by giving you a short introduction to what you need to know. During the time that you were born, the sun, planets and stars were in a certain position in space, for instance, positioned within a certain constellation. This is how you would determine your sun sign. The moon and planets also play a large role in the characteristics and aspects of your sign. By using a zodiac chart, you can calculate the other planets in your sign, which will ultimate help you with your conclusions about your attitudes, compatibility and etc. that are not solely based on your sun sign. To give you a short and sweet explanation for what the zodiac chart is, I would say that it is a 360-degree diagram that is split up into 12 30-degree sections, which determine what sun sign the sun was located in during your birth. Now that you know a little bit more, you should be able to better understand the new information being added on the zodiac world.

A number of people may have had a previous sun sign that has now changed due to the shifting of dates, meaning the sun was not actually in that sign during the date of your birth. As some people discover this change, their skepticism may begin so swell, considering the fact that all their life they may have believed that the fit their sign to a, and now have discovered that they are not actually who they thought they were.  Now, now, let’s not let this dull our spirits, because you may in fact be cooler than you thought you were. Take a look at some of the characteristics of the signs and decide for yourself. In the meantime, here is a little information on the new constellation, Ophiucus, and what the characteristics of this sign are.

Let’s take a second to discuss what changes should be noted in regards to this 13th piece of the pie. I’ll just start by saying you are pretty cool. Positioned right between two great signs, you pull aspects of both. You are that person that keeps a smile on their face and is down for trying new things, as you always search to gain knowledge. As a happy and fun soul, people will enjoy being around you, although you may not always be the one pawing for the attention. As you move through life, you may find it easy to work in a high positioned job, as you are respected by authority and still looked onto by others. Despite your positive and radiant strengths, you have mysterious and tempered characteristics. Lasting only from Nov. 29-December 17, we welcome you to the realm of the Zodiacs, Ophiucus.

Featured by Luciano Gomes via Flickr.

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