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Blue background with smiling moon and stars


The Stars, The Moon and The Music

By Harriet Bernard Local Music Journalist On March 28th, the moon began its phase in Cancer and lasted for three days' time. At the beginning of each month, Earth’s moon cycles through each of the twelve astrological signs before repeating once again. While most people are only familiar with their astrological sun sign, it is often heard that a person’s moon sign is one that might resonate with them more. […]

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“Perfect Playlist for Your Astrological Sign” on multicolored background, with polaroid picture of old mixtapes, and picture of a film strip


Perfect Playlist for Your Astrological Sign

By Rachael GerronWeb Content Contributor Astrology is a subject that has always piqued my interest and fascinated me. I even told my high school chemistry teacher that I thought astrology should be considered a science. He did not agree with that statement, but of course he didn’t - he’s a Taurus! Regardless of how valid you think astrology is, it is fun to talk about and gives us something to […]

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A banner with some Western astrology signs and some of the Chinese zodiac.


The Different Cultures of Astrology

By Andronica Owens Web Content Contributor Feb. 5 marked the beginning of a new Chinese New Year. This event holds a vast amount of significance in the Chinese culture and many people still follow the predictions based around the signs. On the other side of the spectrum, many people in America follow astrology and incorporate the science into their daily lives in many ways. Whether it is through horoscopes, natal […]

todayFebruary 13, 2019 386

The image (background and stickers) was made on the graphic design app, Canva. The zodiac stickersThe image features a millennial pink background with eight stickers (drawings) of different zodiac signs scattered around in no particular order. The featured signs and symbols include Aries (ram), Cancer (crab), Gemini (twins), Virgo (rose), Scorpio (scorpion), Libra (scales), Leo (lion) and Taurus (bull). are by Allison Jester (Canva).


Which Song Best Reflects Your Sign?

By Anna Valdez Blog Content Contributor  You’ve probably scrolled through your Twitter feed and seen astrology tweets similar to the one below. Because astrology has been around for centuries, it’s no surprise that horoscopes and birth charts have taken social media culture by storm. For those that don’t believe in astrology or find the trend absurd, you’re probably wondering what makes it interesting in the first place. In short, astrology […]

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An installation from the Waller Creek Exhibit


Zodiac Signs and Their Elements: A Playlist

By Danielle Ortega Local Music Journalist I’ve recently been thinking quite a bit about the zodiac signs, as I have heaps of friends who are very into them, and are constantly telling me about how me being an aries (along with all of my other signs) affects me. I began to research into Zodiac signs and discovered that each sign is tied with an element, and that signs with the […]

todayDecember 5, 2018 324


What Your Horoscope Doesn’t Tell You

By Brittney Hemmands Blog Content Contributor When I was first introduced to astrology, I learned that the day you were born determined your sign. Once I found my sign, I was quickly directed towards horoscope articles that showed up on my yahoo and twitter pages. Horoscopes can range from daily to monthly and they tend to vary depending on what site you go to, but they all have one thing […]

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All The Feels

By DeMornay Harper Blog Content Contributor Last Friday night, June 23, was a New Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer. The energy of a New Moon lasts for many days after its occurrence. The New Moon signifies new beginnings, and a chance to shed old skins to make room for fresh possibilities. It is the ideal time to set genuine intentions. Some examples of positive affirmations and intentions are: […]

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Ophiucus: The 13th Zodiac Sign

By Jourdan Bazley Blog Content Contributor Ophiucus: the newest constellation to be recognized as part of the 12 zodiac signs. Represented by a serpent bearer, or a man holding a snake, this constellation sits in between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Ophiucus has now surfaced as a new zodiac sign according to NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, because it was calculated that the sun does pass through Ophiucus when it […]

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Zodiac Heart Attack

By Jourdan Bazley Blog Content Contributor We all have preferences or things that tend to attract us. What if the reason that we find better relationships with certain people is because of our similar personality traits? In respect to those that may be a little skeptic, it is true there are a lot of things that go into compatibility between two people. For instance, there are other parts to your […]

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