Keep Your Pets Warm During the Winter

By Alisa Pierce
Blog Content Contributor

Winter has finally hit the San Marcos area and boy, is it cold. Many are finding themselves layering up just to survive walking from class to class. However, something a lot of students are forgetting is not only to bundle themselves up, but also their pets. Here are some tips on how to keep your furry friends warm this winter:

Prepare Proper Outdoor Housing

If you keep your pet outside, make sure to have a warm and insulated place for them to hang out. If it’s a dog house, make sure that it’s large enough for them to move around in. For additional warmth, old blankets and pillows should provide heat for your outdoor pet.

Purchase Pet Shoes

If you walk your pet, buying shoes for them might help them retain nerve function. Ice melters such as salt, magnesium or calcium chloride can irritate paws and are toxic when ingested and can cause nerve damage. Pet shoes can prevent this issues, as well as wiping your pets paws with a wet towel after going for a walk.

Photo by Helen Wang.
Giving your pet something to sleep on inside will help them stay warm. Photo by Helen Wang.

Keep Them Warm Inside

Pets can get cold inside, too. Covering them with blankets or laying soft palettes out for them to sleep on will help them keep warm. Purchasing pet sweaters can also help them retain heat, especially while going outside to use the bathroom.

Feed Your Pets the Proper Food

The right diet can help your pet stay warm. Outdoor pets need more calories to generate enough body heat to keep warm during the winter, so providing more food and fresh, unfrozen water can seriously help your pet.

Featured image by sarasawyer via Flickr.

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