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Beard or No Beard?

todayDecember 27, 2016 112

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Beard or no beard? For many guys, this is a question they face once puberty has actually taken its course. The debate whether a man looks better with facial hair or clean shaven is purely subjective, but, for some people, is an important one. The reason why this debate is important is because a person’s physical appearance expresses who they are to the world. This physical representation is a fun way for a person to assert their individuality, because facial hair style is changeable. So, before picking a side in this debate, know the pros and cons of having a beard or a clean shaven face.

Why to join Team Beard

You can lose your baby face.

Growing a beard can make a guy go from looking like a boy to looking like a man. For a guy who is insecure because he is baby faced, growing out a beard may be the confidence boost he needs in his masculinity. The age difference a guy receives a bearded face is definitely remarkable. So, guys, if you want to look older, than stop shaving.

No shaving.

Not having to shave one’s face is extremely convenient. Shaving is not a difficult task once a guy knows what he is doing. However, mastering the art of shaving takes time and, frankly, can be quite irritating early in the morning. Not having to shave is definitely a pro to having a beard.

It looks impressive.

Photo by Austin Cowan.

Beards are seen by many people as manly. Growing out a full, thick beard can be seen as impressive because many men do not grow out amazing beards. Being able to do something other people can not can make a person feel special and there is nothing wrong with that.

Beards can be fun.

Growing out a beard can be fun. There are many different styles of beards to choose from. For guys with short hair, styling a beard may be the only creative way they can style their own hair. Hair can alter a person’s look to a point where their loved ones do not recognize them. For a man with a military cut, this can be quite enjoyable.

Why to join Team No Beard

Beards are scratchy.

Growing out a beard is fun, but there is a stage in the beard growing stage when your face will feel scratchy. This scratchy feeling is quite uncomfortable and, for a lot of guys, it is a good enough reasons to stay clean shaven. The scratchy phase only lasts a couple weeks, but this is an understandable reason to shave.

The guy just does not look good with one.

If a guy believes that he just looks better without a beard, than that is a reason to join Team No Beard. A person needs to feel good about the way they look, and if having a beard makes you look bad, then do not grow one. So, if the beard does not look than do not join team beard.

The girlfriend does not like it.

Photo by Austin Cowan.
Photo by Austin Cowan.

This reason is kind of a lame one, because a guy should be able to style his hair however he wants to. However, some girls feel like kissing a guy feels like putting your mouth on some kind of animal. This sounds pretty disgusting, and if this is the case between a girl and her bearded boyfriend, it may be time to shave. If this is the reason a guy decides to shave, than congratulations on the girlfriend.

The beard feels hot.

In the summer time, a beard can make a guy’s face hot. Being hot is just flat out uncomfortable. If the discomfort is enough to ruin a guy’s day, then maybe it is time to shave the beard off.

Whether you are on Team Beard or Team No Beard, both sides have their benefits. There comes a time where every man must make the decision whether to grow out a beard or not, and this blog list only a few of the reasons why a man might decide which team to be on.

Featured image by Austin Cowan.

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