What to Do on New Year’s When You Are Under 21

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By Jourdan Bazley
Blog Content Contributor

Congratulations to you for making it through another great year of successes and lessons. I hope you spent your time well during 2016 and accomplished the goals that you set for yourself, or thought of some new things to focus on during 2017. I can imagine that as the year comes to a successful end, you will be looking for various ways to ring in the new one to come. The “traditional” thing to do is to get some drinks and some friends and dance like there is no tomorrow, am I right? Sure, I could be speaking some truth. There are plenty of ways to have a good time when you are in a bar or a club that was specifically set up for you to party in during this eve to remember, but what about the other part of the population that is not legally acquainted with drinks and a party setting? I am talking about the people that are under the legal age of 21. Being under the age of 21 on New Year’s may sound like an automatic “you’re counted out” sentence, but I guarantee that it does not have to be. Join me in figuring out what you can do for New Year’s Eve when you are under 21!

Photo by Holly Henrichsen.
Photo by Holly Henrichsen.

Having a Resolution Setting Party is something that you can do for yourself that is even better than some of the larger New Year parties! Yes, we all have set numerous goals in the past that we have let slip through our fingers, but how about setting a plan for yourself that will actually influence and lead you to success? Maintaining a successful mindset takes more work from you than just telling yourself that you will be the best. It takes focus and determination. Having a Resolution Setting Party is the time for you to gather a group of friends and a few supplies and start the year with a book of goals. Goal booking is quite easy, especially when it is meaningful to you. You will need a notebook, glue, pictures or magazines to cut out from, stickers and maybe some paint. With your friends, you will gather all of the supplies, some balloons, snacks and new year’s eve party décor and get ready for a night of laughter and fun!

How could a Scavenger Hunt in the City disappoint you when it comes to New Year’s Eve? So many people will be out and about, so there are many things that you can do to get great pictures with a group of friends. Being around a bunch of people near the party is not forbidden when you’re younger than 21, so get dressed up, grab a pair of 2017 sunglasses and hit the city. A city scavenger hunt consists of you getting pictures of different things on your trip around the town. For example, maybe you could be assigned to snag a photo near a monument on a certain street, or maybe you could take a picture doing a dance with someone that you pass while walking around. Whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure that you are safe and traveling in groups. Refrain from driving too much because there are always a lot of people out and about in the city during this time. Park somewhere that you can all meet and have a list of challenges to achieve. Have a set time to be back and the first one back or the group with the most correct photos at the end wins the game!

Having a party with your friends is a classic way to ring in the New Year! Photo courtesy of Holly Henrichsen.
Having a party with your friends is a classic way to ring in the New Year! Photo courtesy of Holly Henrichsen.

You can always get some streamers and do the usual! Throw a dance party and pop some fireworks with friends and family. A great alternative to any drinks during New Years is always non-alcoholic cider. You could even spice up the party with some great mocktail choices. Have each of your guests bring a snack or item of food to make the party more of a potluck, and grab some fun New Year’s Eve games. Nothing is better than counting down to 2017 screaming “TWO…ONE…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” surrounded by the family and friends that you love.

With a new year comes a stronger and older you. Regardless of your age or what you choose to do, the important thing to do is to stay safe and have fun. Don’t think that being younger than 21 means you cannot celebrate with the rest of the world. Gather some friends and get the party popping with some of these great celebration ideas. Have a Happy New Year!

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