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Spreading Self-Love

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By Alexandra Cochran
Blog Content Contributor

Let’s get real – sometimes when I feel it’s the right occasion or I get an extra 20 minutes, I like to take my time to get ready and feel nice about myself. Once in a while, I’ll get so caught up on trying to make it on time to class that I can’t do my make up and then I spend more than half the day worring about how other people see me. Other times, I wake up and I think to myself “wow, I’m feeling me and can definitely pull off no make up today” and feel great about myself for the rest of the day.

Not just on those days but even the days I don’t feel my best, I try to practice self-love. While reading more and becoming closer to a community of women online or finding the right clubs on campus, the idea of self-love presents itself to not only encourage you to feel strong but to cheer others on when they’re not feeling their best self (physically or mentally). This sense of community strengthens and betters my daily intentions and interactions with classmates and other strangers. Self-love is a never-ending practice. It’s a battle my mind constantly weighs depending on if things are going my way or not.

When you’re just having a bad day, please find that group of people who you can count on, whether it’s a professional group such as therapists or a club you found locally. Set apart time and indulge in group communication or no communication at all. Be a part of something bigger than you to surround yourself with when you need it most.

Self love is about loving yourself, and then spreading that love to others. Illustration by Alexandra Cochran.

Although we should never weigh our self-worth, it’s a great boost to your self esteem when you get positive reinforcements like: someone telling you they like your shoes, your nail polish, a song you’re listening to too loudly, achieving great grades after studying hard or heck even just showing up to class on time! I am mostly the one in control of the grades I earn and I know exactly how I feel when I don’t do well, so I try to do well and it makes me feel great. “What happens if no one ever tells me they like anything about me?” Aw man, I think you’re cool, but no worries! Have you ever tried telling a stranger in the hallway that you like their t-shirt? Your heart rate instantly goes up and you feel happier! Or perhaps you’re the type who squirms when someone gives you a genuine compliment. Try to just smile and move on unless it’s a catcall – no one should accept a catcall. Avoid stress by not lying to others or yourself and better yourself by doing well!

Making a personal to-do list to accomplish weekly goals and to keep your thoughts organized before a deadline is another way I like to take care of myself because when I’m not organized, my mind (and life) feels completely anxious and constantly in a spiral. Surrounding yourself with people who are also working on loving themselves, aids you to stay positive but also have someone to connect with when you need a moment to just breathe. In the case you ever get too overwhelmed, step back and take a deep breath.

Upset that you have cravings for all that food you said you wouldn’t bother to eat again? Please, do not throw that tantrum in your head again. Tomorrow is always a new day and there is so much time to improve. Keep in mind that there are no two of the same people. You are not a copy of someone else, you can only work harder to be a better you.

Feature illustration by Alexandra Cochran.

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