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The Importance of Accountability

todayFebruary 28, 2017 13

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By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

When others think of accountability, they may assume that it plainly means to be responsible, but it actually goes beyond that. Accountability includes being able to acknowledge problems that are not directly in your control and knowing how to solve them. There are many opportunities for accountability to come into play. One of the best benefits about becoming someone who is accountable is becoming a better leader to those around you.   

There are many horror stories of the group filled with people that end up being the “dead weight” of the project. Even though not all the members of the group are eager about contributing to the project, you are still accountable for having a project that can be presented or turned in. The professor will still be expecting a project on the day that it’s due. It would not reflect well if you only completed part of the project, so it is important that you take accountability for the project as a whole. It may not be the best experience to deal with others when they don’t really have as much of a drive to produce a good project; however, if your grade or review is important to you, sometimes you have to do more than your own part.

Working in a group is a prime opportunity that may call for some degree of accountability. Illustration by Erin Garrigan.

Accountability also calls for being available at a moment’s notice. You probably don’t go into an event or agreement and expect for things to go in a bad place, but preparing for the worst is the easiest way to get the best outcome. Thinking about all the possibilities that could happen in any event can help in developing backup plans in order to offset the delays or roadblocks because you’ve already thought about how to overcome them. This can also apply to any other commitments you might have made. What you put in is what you get out, so the more you are prepared, the better off you will be.

Once others have seen that you are a reliable person, they will probably follow your example. Your leadership could open many opportunities for employers that are looking for reliable people on their team. Overall, being someone who is accountable for the tasks or projects they are in charge of can help improve the way others perceive you. If they see that you go the extra mile and can help others out when they are in need, then it could eventually lead to recognition and better positions wherever you go.

Becoming accountable is something anyone can learn. It is almost essential to ensuring that you can lead others effectively because they will see the work that you might put into securing a successful project or event. This could encourage someone else to do the same and lead up to have the same enthusiasm to create something great.

Featured image by Kimberly Garcia.

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