KTSW’s Station Manager: Very Emo R. Kelly

By Kristopher Tondre
Program Director

Brittany Robinson is KTSW’s station manager and found time in her busy schedule to talk about everything from how she got started at KTSW to her love for orcas all for International Women’s Day.

Brittany started at KTSW as soon as she got to campus and has moved her way up over the years to where she is now as KTSW’s first black female station manager.

“First week here, first week in the dorms, I went all the way up to Old Main, I asked, ‘Hey, can I see the music director,’ set up a meeting and the rest is history,” said Brittany.

Having started in the music staff, Brittany describes her musical taste as a sad black girl in the 90’s mixed with a sad white guy in his basement in Philadelphia, otherwise known as a mix of R&B with lo-fi and very much in tune with the DIY scene up in the northeast.

“Alex G is my husband and Juicy J is my father,” said Brittany. “That’s how I would describe who I am musically.”

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