Stereotypes Against Women That We Are Tired of Hearing

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By Jenise Jackson
Blog Content Contributor

I think I can speak for most women when I say that we are tired of some of the stereotypes society has placed on us. In fact, majority of those stereotypes are outdated and just simply frustrating. Although it is the year 2017, society still seems to think that all women should fall into the same category. Many assumptions have been made about me just because of the fact that I am a woman, all of which have irritated me. Let me share a few.

“You’re a woman so you must know how to cook.” 

Some of us are as much of a mess in the kitchen as guys can be. Via

I just want to make the point of saying that I make great tasting instant ramen and Kraft Mac & Cheese. I’m not a complete lost cause in the kitchen, but I can’t say I’m anywhere near Bobby Flay either. My point here is that it shouldn’t be assumed that all women are outstanding cooks and they can whip up any recipe imaginable. It isn’t a skill every woman is born with, contrary to popular belief. 

“You’re dressed all cute, who are you trying to impress?”

Is it a crime to want to look good for yourself? It bothers me when people think that a woman only dresses up in hopes that people will be attracted to her or jealous of the way she looks. Maybe a woman just wants to bask in her own beauty every once in awhile. It doesn’t necessarily mean she wants all eyes and attention on her. 

Showing emotion is in our nature, there is no reason to be ashamed! Via

“Why are women so emotional?” 

Not all women are prone to emotional outbursts in every situation. We aren’t always angry, sad, or whatever other negative emotion you want to attach to us. Anybody can have a hard time with expressing their emotions properly, not just women. We do know how to be cool, calm, and collective when it is necessary.

“Do girls even play video games?”

Since when was there a gender restriction with video games? They aren’t just for men. In fact, a woman can enjoy and be very good at gaming if she wants to be. So if you find out that a woman plays video games, you don’t have to act all shocked. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m always up for a game of 2K.

“All you want is a relationship, that’s what all women want.”

Sure, it is nice to have a significant other but it isn’t a necessity for women. If a woman is single, it may just be because she wants to be. Alone doesn’t always mean lonely. Believe it or not, women can depend on themselves and there are plenty of perks to having indepence.

Of course, there are plenty of other stereotypes I hear on the regular. There are just way too many to discuss. I’m sure other women can relate to these and more. They probably also wish that stereotypes all together no longer existed. Until the day we see that happen, I guess we’ll just keep trying to prove the stereotypes wrong.

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