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Leaving Everything to the Imagination

todayMarch 19, 2017 1

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By Edgardo Hernandez Jr.
Blog Content Contributor

Our imagination can be triggered easily and can create unique ideas given the right content. Regardless of whether it is music or reading, we tend to reach out for inspiration whenever there is nothing coming to our minds. These two are very different outlets, though they can have the same effect of relaxing someone by enhancing their concentration and bringing creativity.

I’m sure many people ask why do you listen to music so much or what is the point in reading, well, there are plenty of reasons to do so, but the main reason revolves the inspiration it brings. There comes a time when focusing becomes an obstacle, whether it be writers block or inability to think of something creative to draw or design. These two factors, music and reading, aid people in developing their ideas or distracting themselves from the stress of thinking so hard.

Photo 1 (2).JPG
Imagination can be triggered by music and reading in which we draw inspiration from when needed. Photo by Edgardo Hernandez Jr.

Music soothes the mind when you can’t seem to focus and can be cause for good distraction. There is no hard thinking needed with music, just sounds and lyrics flowing from song to song. Sounds provide the person listening to escape their surrounding space and enter a new one, while lyrics provide words that incite new meaning and get you to think openly. Everywhere you look, there is possibly someone listening to music, not because they want to avoid contact but because they seek interest in a place that music puts them in.

Reading has also been known to be a triggering effect that aids your thinking. Just a couple words on a page can bring someone to develop this whole new world inside their mind. Today, only a select few read for enjoyment while the rest read through obligation. Although it still counts as reading, it is forced and is the reason you lose focus after a certain amount of time studying. Reading is suppose to interest the reader and allow them to bring new ideas they have never thought of before. It gives the mind another source to pull ideas from rather than grasping into thin air.

Music and reading are key factors that draw inspiration and are used everyday by us. When you read an article for fun, you are able to use it as a reference for future works or conversations. When you listen to music, you are able to find comfort in the noise and produce work more efficiently and effectively. The same effect can come about from other outlets as well, such as TV, though that is used very loosely since it can bring more distraction than inspiration; If you know what I mean. Hint hint, binge watching Netflix when you should be doing work.

Our imagination can be a powerful tool if we let it run its course by guiding it in the right direction, such as listening to music or reading something worthwhile to us. Inspiration is out there and can provide aid through the toughest situations. Don’t try and force yourself into thinking mode. Remember, don’t get discouraged, because if you have to force it, it won’t be your best work.

Featured image by Edgardo Hernandez, Jr.


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