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Two Reasons Why Men Should Love Gender Equality

todayMarch 21, 2017 34

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

When people think of gender equality, many people think women are the only ones who benefit from it. However, this cannot be further from the truth. As a man, gender equality is able to help me and my fellow brothers out in multiple ways. Gender equality would result in equal pay for women in the workforce which many families would benefit from. With gender equality, confidence would be greater because men and women would be building each other up equally. These are just two reasons why men out there should love gender equality.

Gender equality is sexy.

People who support gender equality are sexy because they both encourage self-confidence in themselves and within other people. It is a well known that confidence is an attractive trait for a person to possess. Confidence helps push people to achieve their goals, allows individuals to be relaxed in stressful circumstances with a radiating an aura of collectedness. Many people in the world, including women, struggle with their self-confidence. Men could help women with poor self-esteem by just simply treating them as the humans who they are. All humans were created equally so there is no legitimate reason why one person should be treated less than another. Throughout our country right now there are thousands of women trying to break through the glass ceiling existing within their fields of work. Just look at Hillary Clinton. However, breaking through the glass ceiling is no easy feat so much stress and insecurity comes with that. This is the time when men can be a major asset in helping society obtain gender equality. Men, when women are insecure due to societal barriers SUPPORT them. Encourage them by telling them the truth. Women are just as capable of achieving their goals. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”- Philippians 4:13 Help boost their self-confidence and your will be built up as well. People get what they give and if men and woman encouraged self-confidence within each other not only will gender equality not be an issue but people will be more confident. So why is gender equality sexy? Gender equality is sexy because people who support it are confident, respectable people. People who support others get supported which is a joyful way to live life. If you want be sexier than treat humans as the humans they are. 

Financial Benefits

People who support others get supported back, which is a joyful way to live. Illustration by Austin Cowan.

The reason why men should love gender equality is because their livelihood could be financially better off. Once in marriage both spouses are affected by their partner’s salary. Men who fall in love and marry women, should want their spouse to be able get equal pay. Women bring home the money they earned from work just like men. If a man’s wife is only able to bring home a fraction of the salary she is supposed to make then the family unit is not collecting as much money as it is supposed to. There is practically nobody who will ever be annoyed with collecting more money. So men do not just sit back and let women fight for equal pay by themselves. If you fight with your wife to earn equal pay as her counterparts your family will benefit as well. Your family will be in a better financial situation and your relationships with the women around you could benefit as well. So do not hesitate today and fight for gender equality in society. Equality is an American value after all.

Gender equality benefits society as a whole, despite what some ignorant people may think. Men, do not let obstacles in society stop you from doing what is right. Fight for gender equality today to make the lives of both women and men in society better.

Featured image by Ana Belen Cobos.

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