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Why Going To The Range Is a Good Time

todayMarch 25, 2017 21

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Shooting ranges draw in many people every year who have a love for shooting targets and the smell of fired shot shotgun shells. Spending time at the range gives people more information about firearms and the opportunity to share great memories with loved ones. Here are some reasons why going to a reange is worth while…

Shooting Ranges are Fun

There are many of activities for people to participate in at the range. Skeet shooting, close-range shooting, archery, distance shooting, etc. Using shotguns to shoot clay pigeons out of the air is always an adrenaline rush. Skeet, Trap and Crazy Quail are just three types of games people can play when firing shotguns. While growing up with my brothers we were very competetive about skeet shooting. There are not many feelings in the world that can compare to the one you get shooting three clay pigeons, with three shots, while the smell of lead permeates one’s nasal cavities. Shotguns are for quick action-packed recreational fun. But for anyone wanting to work on precision, rifles are the way to go. This takes patience and a careful eye because shooting a small target a hundred yards away is no easy task. Scopes are very helpfull though. For people who like to shoot close range, handguns are the activity you should invest in. A benefit about handguns is that they are smaller so it is easier to transport them compared to the long barrels of shotguns and rifles. Handguns are also a popular choice for people interested in having a firearm for self-defense. All of these guns require ear protection to be worn at all times because they are loud. However, for a quieter shooting experience at the range archery is one more activity that can be done. I personally like shooting a bow whenever I feel stealthy or just wish I was Robin Hood or Oliver Queen from Arrow.  All of the activities listed above can be done at a shooting range and are a blast. Anyone seeking a little thrill in their lives should take my advice and go shoot some targets.

Side-note: Always maintain every safety precaution when handling firearms. Never allow a firearm to be handled by an individual unable to handle it properly or safely. Safety is the number one rule when having fun because hurt people do not have fun.

Gain Knowledge About Firearms

shooting range feature
A lovely view at the range. Photo by Austin Cowan.

“Knowledge is power.”- Francis Bacon

One topic often discussed in politics is gun laws. Now, this blog is not hear to persuade anyone’s opinion about the matter. However, while discussing this topic with some peers of mine from Texas Satte University, a good point was made that many people are less afraid of firearms when knowing how to operate one. For any readers out there who are afraid of firearms take my encouragement and educate yourself about them. Fear is not worth dwelling over. Go check out a local gun shop in town and ask the staff at the desk about taking gun safety courses. Not only will you gain knowledge about firearms but you can also gain valuable information about protecting oneself. As a military-brat I know that it is important to know different ways to respond in emergency circumstances. If there ever comes a time where an individual(s) endangers the lives of other people around them, it is important to be able to defend oneself. Do not waste time go take a gun safety class today.

Spend Time With Family and Friends

Spending time at the range opens up lots of opportunities for family and friends to spend some quality time together. A couple weeks ago I was blessed with the chance to spend some time at the range with one of my uncles and my brother-in-law, both of which I do not get a chance to see often. We went to A Place To Shoot, in San Antonio. All three of us woke up early one morning to meet at the range to participate in a long-loved family activity. While we filled targets up with lead I came to the realization that shooting at the range feels an awful lot like bowling. Both bowling alleys and shooting ranges have barriers that create lanes which participants are not allowed to cross so they do not endanger themselves. While participants are waiting for other people in their party to take their turns they get the chance to converse with the people around them. Now, bowling allies are far quieter than shooting ranges but visitors leave just as happy. So go ahead and take the squad, family or significant other out to the range. Not only will life long memories be made but a great time is waiting to be had.

Going to the range is a great time for people to learn more about firearms in general while engaging in quality conversation with their loved ones. I certainly enjoy partaking in this long loved activity and I hope others will too. See you at the range.

Shooting Ranges Near San Marcos

Featured image by Austin Cowan.

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