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What I Arkan”Saw”: My Trip To Arkansas

todayMarch 29, 2017

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Texas is the best place on Earth; however, sometimes it is nice to visit other places every once in awhile. Any San Martians out there wanting to go on an action filled vacation should consider going to Arkansas. After visiting one of Texas’s next door neighbors, not only have I gained an appreciation for this wilderness-filled state, but also a love for some of the attractions it contains. Arkansas is not Texas, but it is definitely an amazing place in its own way. Continue reading to learn more about fun things to do in Arkansas while gaining some secrets which will make touring them slightly more relaxing.

Hot Springs National Park is the hottest park in Arkansas. Photo by Austin Cowan.

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is the hottest park in Arkansas. This hot spot is known for its unusually hot springs which attract millions of people here every year. Before arriving to Hot Springs, there is one thing tourists need to know; their are two main parts. First, Hot Springs has some beautiful mountain trails. These trails ascend mountains, and every bit of them are surrounded by thick, green brush. Many animals can be found on these trails, but I recommend hardcore nature enthusiasts to visit these trails on a weekday. Hot Springs is constantly filled with people, so hikers wanting to be lost in nature will be bombarded by signs of civilization from the presence of other hikers. Fortunately, Hot Springs has fixed this dilemma, and there is a ten-mile hiking trail for hardcore nature enthusiasts like me. Before going on a long hike like this, make sure to bring some water and a couple light snacks. Trail mix is always a good choice. The second half of Hot Springs is the old town preserved at the springs. The hot water from the springs has long brought people to this park. The hot water was/is used for bathing purposes, drinking, etc. This water comes out of the ground scalding hot so do not touch it until it has time to cool off some. City people will enjoy hanging out in the town because there there are many old-preserve stores where tourist can buy souvenirs, food or tickets for tours at Hot Springs.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is filled with miles of hiking trails which both surround and scale one of the most striking geographical features in the Arkansas wilderness. The mountain is by far the most iconic and attractive feature about this park. Pinnacle mountain is only a 1,011 feet in elevation; however, getting to the summit is a workout. The two trails to the summit are less than two miles in distance, so the cocky guy I am thought climbing this mountain would be easier than eating a piece of cake. Never before have I been so wrong. I have conquered mountains taller than Pinnacle, but this one still proved to be a challenge. For the entirety of the hike, my brother and I were going up stairs, scaling rock formations, or crawling up the slope. Despite all the sweat stains, the view from the top of Pinnacle Mountain is definitely worth the physical expense. When on the summit, tourists can take one glance and see a wide variety of Arkansas attractions: forests, lakes, Little Rock, etc. Do not forget to take pictures when at the summit; it is a great place for a new profile picture. Trust me on this one, I am a nature enthusiast.

Location: 11901 Pinnacle Valley Rd, Roland, AR 72135

Do not forget to take pictures when at the summit; it is a great place for a new profile picture. Photo by Austin Cowan.

Little Rock

Little Rock was by far the biggest surprise to me when I was exploring Arkansas. This city is the state’s capital, so it is booming with commotion and activity. The reason I was surprised was because when arriving here is because Little Rock feels small for a city compared to the cities I have become accustomed to by growing up in Texas. Nevertheless, it had an endless supply for a tourist like me to blow money at. The bar scene here is healthy and thriving. The best place for bar hopping will be along President Clinton Avenue, because of the high concentration of bars here. A few bars I found fun to be at include Flying Saucer, Willy D’s Rock & Roll Piano Bar,  and Sticky Fingerz Rock-n-roll Chicken Shack. Now the bars are not the only fun activities to do in Little Rock. There are also lots of movie theatres, parks and community events to keep people entertained. Little Rock is the attraction city people would enjoy most when in Arkansas.

Next time vacationing pops into your head, make your way on over to the wilderness state. Arkansas contains beautiful geography, unique hot springs, and an amazing culture. I was left in awe after visiting this state. You, too, will inspire others to come here, once you can share stories of what you saw.

Featured image courtesy of Austin Cowan.

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