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Why You Should Not Give up on Life

todayApril 2, 2017 12

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Life is eventful. Life is ever changing. Life is precious. Many people in the world find themselves questioning the importance of life and what they should do with theirs. Every person only has one life to live so worrying about wasting it, not achieving enough success or missing once in a lifetime opportunities can introduce stress, depression and/or misfortune into people’s lives. Throughout trials in life, many people ponder over why they do what they do, what decision they should make, or why is life is even important? Life is all about finding answers to questions, however understanding the answers is not always easy. Understanding all aspects of life is impossible for a man like me to do, however, hopefully this blog will shine some light on the importance of life to anyone who may question it, and how to find answers to questions any readers may have.

Life can be an uphill battle, but you must fight through any obstacles that are thrown at you. Photo by Austin Cowan.

People can question the importance of their lives because their day to day routine can be tough. Oftentimes, people will question whether they are living life to the fullest when everyday activities begin to feel mundane. When people question why they do what they do, they lose drive in their classes, career or relationships. If this is the case, take a step back from life, for a moment, and look at the blessings in your life. A college student is gaining an education needed to perform well at their future endeavors. An employee is fulfilling a job in a company that needs to be done in order for the company to provide their unique service or trade to society. What each person does affects his or herself, and the people around them. When you pay attention to the consequences of your past actions, the drive to continue to do well in the future may come back. If your motivation does not return you may want to look into counseling. Getting help from a professional or maybe even a good friend can help a person see why they are important and why they should not give up.

Places to gain counseling:

  • Professional counselors/advisors
  • Church groups
  • Family
  • Friends

Life is always changing. One thing that many people love to complain about is change. When something changes it does not necessarily mean it has gotten worse or improved, it just simply changed. Growing up, you can find your life changing every day whether you know it or not; because time is ticking and life carries on. When a child grows up to become an adult they have been taught right from wrong and hopefully they make good decisions when they are out on their own. Well, as a college student who is out on his own for the first time, I know that sometimes it is hard to decide on which decision to make. Many college students wonder what major they should pick, who to date and what they should believe in. Whatever the case may be, a choice will be made. Whether the choice made was a good one or a bad one can only be determined case by case. Although life can take a spin for the worse, do not let hardship stop you. Pick yourself back up. This is just like the line which Alfred Pennyworth says in Batman Begins ,“Why do we fall, sir? So, that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” No matter what choices you make in life, continue to keep going. Embrace the change and try something new. Take the person you did not have the courage to ask out on a date, go skydiving or go have fun at a party. Life is full of opportunities and since change is inevitable, make it as great as you can.

Life is important because it only happens to a person once. If anyone reading this blog does not believe in that, just remember that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. As stated earlier in this blog, what you do affects more people than you know. Life is precious and each life is important, because we are all connected together in one way or another.

Featured image by Austin Cowan.

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