A Universal Story With A Black Voice: Intimate Apparel

By Hannah Wisterman
Web Editor

It is 1905, and a black seamstress yearns for love. The problem: she loves a Jewish textile merchant, and at 35 years old, is running out of time to find a suitable husband. This is the story of Esther, the leading lady of Intimate Apparel, Texas State’s newest mainstage production, written by Lynn Nottage. The play is the first play performed in the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre to feature a black female lead since the theatre’s construction, and is directed by guest artist (and veteran of Texas State’s Black and Latino Playwright Conference) Melissa Maxwell. It reflects on love, self-worth, and the different forms friendship takes, and even with a black lead and predominantly black cast, the story can be universally felt and understood.

KTSW Web Editor, Jourdan Bazley, sits down with Ashley Hildreth to discuss Intimate Apparel and the casting process with a few guest appearances from director Melissa Maxwell.

Intimate Apparel opens Tuesday, April 4 and will run through Sunday, April 9. Tickets are eight dollars for students and $15 dollars for adults and can be purchased through the ticket office.

Featured image by Hannah Wisterman.

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