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By Brent Ramirez
Blog Content Contributor

Many people are already familiar with that catchy little piano riff that is the intro to The Office. It’s hard not to instantly recognize the theme and hum along to it, even for those who aren’t too familiar with the show. This is simply because the 2005-2013 office comedy has solidified its place in American pop culture (although ironically being adapted from a British series of the same name) and has become one of the most iconic television shows in the last decade.

Now I’m not going to say I have the best credentials on an article about why people should watch The Office, considering I’ve only recently started the series via Netflix and I’m currently on the fourth season. Many of those who are avid Office lovers will probably know tons of more reasons to see the hilarious series, but as someone new to the show, here are five reasons I think you should try watching The Office.

It’s funny.

Of course this is a given considering it’s a comedy and I know this completely subjective, but hear me out. There are tons of different comedic styles and while I think The Office is known for the novelty of its dry and subtle humor, it really does hit most (if not all types of humor) at one point or another. From the constant pranks and awkward conversations, to the outrageous situations that this group of workers get into, this show comes with no shortage of laughs. Seriously, I find myself literally laughing out loud at least once an episode.

It has a ton of heart.

While the show has all the comedy you could ask for, it also comes with its more emotional beats. For a show about people who work in an office selling paper, you wouldn’t think there would be anything too dramatic emotionally, much less anything funny, but this show pleasantly proved me wrong. In between all of the ridiculous jokes and humor, this show manages to really develop amazing character relationships that provide for great network television. They may not be things like Will asking Uncle Phil why his father doesn’t love him or when Cathy’s son finds that storage locker in The Big C, but all the emotional moments in The Office really display the true heart of the show.

It has a great cast.

Speaking of heart, the show can owe all of its heart to its cast. Each person on this show has their own unique and quirky personalities, and it’s hard not to find something to love about every individual on screen. As you get further and further into the series, you begin to understand each character’s relationship with one another, and it’s these relationships that bring out the best comedy and emotion in the show. It’s what gives the show such a down to earth and genuine feel that I think most people love about the show.

Two characters from the cast that are a highlight of the show are the iconic Jim and Pam, a revolving wheel of romantic emotion and friendship. If anything, keeping up with the will-they/won’t-they that is Jim and Pam’s authentic relationship is reason enough to watch the series. Aside from those two, there are tons of other characters to love. From Dwight’s fascist nerdism, to Stanley’s no-nonsense every man, you’ll easily find a favorite office member.

Here’s a small clip from an episode where Michael teaches his office that prison isn’t such a great place. 

Two words: Michael Scott.

Along with the all-star cast comes Steve Carell, who is arguably the centerpiece of the show. The show just wouldn’t work without him. As the regional manager of the office, Michael Scott runs his branch with extremely questionable methods. He can be ridiculously moronic and helplessly embarrassing, but it’s what makes his character so unique. Every single word that comes out of his mouth will leave you cringing in the best way possible. You may hate Michael Scott, but it won’t be long until you realize just how much you love Michael Scott.

It’s an easy binge

It’s a always a nice night to watch 20 hours of TV. Photo by Brent Ramirez.

With episodes rounding around 20 or so minutes, you will fly through this series. I’ve had many people tell me that the show’s first season is a bit hard to get into at first, but it’s only six episodes and I honestly still found them pretty funny. Once the show does hit it’s stride in season two, it takes off running.  You will easily find out why The Office is such a Netflix favorite. Each episode is easily digestible, yet jam packed with tons of story and comedy that will have you watching for hours on end, never wanting to stop finding out what shenanigans the the cast will get into next.

The Office revolves around the rag tag team of workers who run the Scranton branch of the paper company Dunder Mifflin, and all of the “usual” day-to-day workings of office life. It’s such a simple premise, yet it is outrageously fantastic, so if you’ve had this show recommended to you in the past, it’s clearly not without reason. I really urge everyone to give the show a go. The Office is the best of network television. It’s witty, charming and everything good in this world. Go watch The Office!

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