An Interview With Mr. San Marvelous

By Holly Henrichsen
Assistant Web Content Manager

Josh (aka Mr. San Marvelous) brings old time swing and jazz to the KTSW forefront from 6-8 p.m. every Tuesday with his show, San Marvelous.

“It’s the oldies,” Josh said about the music he plays on San Marvelous. “It’s as old as it can get. And I like to enjoy the music from the original recording where it’s super terrible in a tin pan. Some of the best music actually comes out of that and you wouldn’t realize it.”

Josh started listening to oldies because his boss would listen to nothing other than swing. Josh has always been fascinated with the 1940s and after listening to his boss’ music for a while, he started to enjoy it and explore the genre.

Photo by Holly Henrichsen.

“You have the explosion of jazz in the ‘20s and then the big band music started picking up after ‘35,” Josh said. “So after that, you just get this huge wave of music. It’s just a giant conglomeration of a melting pot which is America at its finest in the 1940s.”

San Marcos is such a beautiful town that it earned the nickname San Marvelous. You might expect the name Mr. San Marvelous to originate from something related to oldies and swing, but it actually stems from something much more modern.

“The name actually originates from [the video game] Fallout,” Josh said. “There’s a guy named Mr. New Vegas and I was like, well, everyone calls us San Marvelous so what if I was Mr. San Marvelous? So it came from a video game, believe it or not.”

Something that the KTSW audience won’t normally see is Josh in the studio. Most DJs will come in dressed in their regular clothes, but Josh always comes in looking dapper, not that anyone will see it. But that’s alright. It’s all for irony.

“Who else dresses up for radio? No one.”

Featured image by Holly Henrichsen.

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