Connor Clegg Sworn in as New Class President

By Sean Mitchell
News Reporter

A new class body President and Vice President has been sworn in at Texas State.

Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan were officially sworn in as student body President and Vice President of Texas State on Wednesday. The ceremony was held by the LBJ statue in the quad, where Clegg spoke of change and revolution; saying that if students are unified and willing to work together then anything is possible and also talked about some of the major changes he hopes to implement in the coming months in office.

The inauguration ceremony for Student Government is held by the LBJ Statue. Photo by Madison Tyson.

“Well the first thing that we are going to try to accomplish is, we are going to make our campus safer. Now that means a couple of things, that means improving the lighting, we’ve done a pretty good job of improving the lighting on the east side, and were going to improve the lighting on the west side for people using the campus at night. The other thing that means is decreasing the amount of sexual assault that happens on that campus, and we have a big plan to tackle that. We are going to work with Dr. Garcia with Title 9 and try to spread information in order to try and change the whole culture here. So within the first few days that’s what we are going to be tackling head on, and over the entire summer that will be our major priority.”

Clegg commented that he thought the ceremony went well, saying that it’s a testament to how great this state is that we can be underwater one day and then have a beautiful inauguration ceremony outside the next day.

Featured image by Sean Mitchell.

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