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Campaign signs posted with candidates’ names on them in landscape next to walkway ramp.


Candidates Square Off Student Government Debate

By Gene BrownJunior News Reporter Texas State University held a debate Monday night in preparation for the upcoming Student government election. Student Government presidential candidates Corey Benbow and Alex Plunkett faced pressing questions last night about ways to improve campus safety, Greek life, and school spirit. Improvements with lighting, emergency boxes and the policing community where some of the ways the candidates hope to better the quality of the students. […]

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Student Government Candidates Debate Current Issues

By Kaitlyn Benacquisto News Reporter Monday evening, the three candidates for student government, along with their running mates, debated current issues affecting the university. The candidates, Brooklyn Boreing and Ruben Becerra, Preston Nieves and Christian Sears, and Elijah Miller and Emari Shelvin, agreed that the most pressing issue facing campus is the lack of implementation of legislation that student government passes. “When it comes to solving problems on campus, talk […]

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Connor Clegg Sworn in as New Class President

By Sean Mitchell News Reporter A new class body President and Vice President has been sworn in at Texas State. Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan were officially sworn in as student body President and Vice President of Texas State on Wednesday. The ceremony was held by the LBJ statue in the quad, where Clegg spoke of change and revolution; saying that if students are unified and willing to work together […]

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Lauren Stotler. Photo from star.txstate.edu


Student Government Election Results

by DaLyah Jones KTSW News Story aired February 2015     The Texas State Student Government recently held their presidential election and newly elected president Lauren Stotler is morethan happy with the results. Stotler says she can't wait to take her newly elected positions because she has many plans for the organization. “One of the first things that I want to do is make sure people want to join student government,” said Stotler. “We have a few senators who just got elected tonight, but I also want to get a little bit more […]

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Daily News Recap (2-16-2015)

By Holly Henrichsen Assistant Web Content Manager Egypt has announced that it has waged 2 airstrikes against ISIS targets in Libya today. The airstrikes targeted ISIS camps and weapon storage areas. According to BBC News, the airstrikes were a response to a video released yesterday of Jihadist ISIS supporters beheading 21 Egyptian Christians. Egypt declared 7 days of national mourning after the video was released. The Calaboose African American Museum here […]

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Daily News Recap (2-12-15)

By Holly Henrichsen Assistant Web Director A cease-fire deal was reached today for eastern Ukraine. The cease-fire will include the front-line withdrawal of heavy weapons, but disagreements still remain over the conflict. According to the Washington Post, the pact came after 15 hours of consistent talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country has been accused by the West of sending troops and arms to pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine, however […]

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Daily News Recap (2-4-15)

By Erin Pollack Web Editor A TransAsia passenger plane clipped a bridge and crashed into a river in Taiwan this morning killing 23 people. According to CNN, 58 people were on the flight, 23 were confirmed dead, 15 injured and 20 people are still missing. Two people were driving on the bridge when the plane hit, and they were injured as well, but are now in stable condition. Taiwan’s Civil […]

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Tuesday News Rundown (11-25-14)

By Nestor Vazquez News Web Editor An uproar has taken place in Ferguson, MO, after the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown was announced last night. CNN reports that some protesters in Ferguson have taken to peaceful protests, while others are participating in looting and other forms of destruction. Cities nationwide, like Chicago, Oakland and Washington, D.C. are hosting rallies to […]

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Tuesday News Rundown (10-28-2014)

By Nestor Vazquez Web Editor Early voting is currently taking place on campus from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. until Thursday at the LBJ Student Center. The last day to vote is Tuesday, November 4. People must have a form of identification -- not a student ID -- to vote. Representatives with the Texas State Student Government said they encourage everyone to make their voice heard and remember every vote counts. Texas State Student Affairs […]

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