MR Fest 2017 Artist Profile: Muff

By Lindsey Petterson
Music Journalist

San Marcos band, Muff, got their start by playing house parties back in 2014. As they became more popular, they started playing at venues in San Marcos and Austin. The band includes Rachel LaCoss, Scott Lowe, Nic Valenzuela, and Taylor Wallace. Their first EP, An EP, is full of fun fuzz with pop, and lo-fi vocals. Their full length self titled albums truly show off their maturity and talent especially through their more complex guitar parts. Muff makes an inspiring contribution to the San Marcos garage pop scene that characterizes the city. Some of their influences are Pavement, David Bowie, and The Smiths. Though their influences are 80s, 90s rock and alternative rock, they bring their own modern groove to create a unique fuzz-pop sound.

Muff is currently in the process of recording another full length to be released in summer 2017. They play shows all over Austin at places like Spiderhouse Ballroom and Cheer Up Charlies, and they continue to impress their hometown crowds in San Marcos. The band is not new to MR Fest, so be sure to catch these 2017 MR Fest veterans at Aquabrew at 2:30pm. Muff’s success grows with every show and release, so you are not going to want to miss it!

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