MR Fest 2017 Artist Profile: Fly Coco

By Brooke Vega
Music Journalist

Fly Coco is a four-piece indie rock band based in San Marcos, Texas. They originally started out by playing at smaller gigs around town in 2015 as a brother-sister duo consisting of Colin and Hayden Higginbotham. Zac Hernandez joined to take over guitar and drums after moving in with Colin. Will Clegg was the last member to join the band in February 2016 as bassist.

Last April, Fly Coco released their first three-song EP What You Are, which is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes. This upcoming May, they plan to release their second EP with five songs. Some of  Fly Coco’s favorite shows were performing at last year’s MR Fest and SM Popped. They are super stoked to play at this year’s MR Fest and Martian Arts Festival. Currently, the band is working on releasing their next EP, playing more shows and possibly doing a music video. Be sure to check out Fly Coco’s music on bandcamp and follow them on Instagram for future updates!

Check out Fly Coco at MR Fest at Aquabrew at 1:45p.m. on April 29.

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