Dear Procrastinators

By Brent Ramirez
Blog Content Contributor

Dear Procrastinators,

It is no surprise that we have all at one point in our lives been criticized by those who don’t quite agree with our methods. To them I say, off with your heads!

Kidding. But really, lay off man. We know that procrastinating may not be the best way to go about our tasks and whatnot, but for some of us, we thrive on that deadly countdown. We invite the challenge for it makes us stronger. Like diamonds, we become true jewels through the time and pressure and we shine ever so brightly because of it. To some it may seem like a poor excuse, but we need not justify the way we live. We are the way we are because we believe that we can accomplish anything no matter the circumstance. We are the people who write down “works well under pressure” on our resumes and we are the people who create some of our best work in those high stress/high pressure environments.

After years of putting off essays until the night off or studying for a midterm the night before, we have mastered the art of cramming. One could even say we have developed high-speed cognitive abilities; that’s stuff you only read about in comics. We are real life super powered beings with brains that function similar to heroes like the Flash and Quicksilver, therefore making us superheroes. Like most superheroes, we didn’t choose to be, it was bestowed upon us.

So do not fret my friends. Be true to who you are. Endure the criticism and fight through the ridicule. You are not small. You are mighty, just as mighty as the man or woman next to you who does their essay the day it is assigned, loser (kidding again). We may be pushed aside by those who believe are better than we but nay. We are the heroes of our world. We hold our heads high for we may not be the heroes this world needs, but rather the ones it deserves.


A Fellow Procrastinator

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