MR Fest 2017 Artist Profile: Bogan Villa

By Allison Belcher
Assistant Music Director

Bogan Villa (pronounced viLL• ah) is a soulful, three piece psychedelic rock group hailing from San Marcos, Texas. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Will Webb Wells, bassist Brandon Alvis, and drummer Matt Ewaniszyk. The power trio came together in January of 2016, and have blown up locally ever since. Alvis met Wells at Valentinos, a pizza joint and MR Fest venue located on the square. Alvis welcomed Wells into his home, inviting the two to join passions and make music together. Soon after, Alvis and Wells met Ewaniszyk at a house party while on the search for a drummer. Fates collided, and the trio jammed together that same night – instruments and gear conveniently on hand.

Bogan Villa draws influence from artists and sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, namely Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix. Despite being influenced by bigger names of decades pasts, the band manifests a unique style and energy, setting them apart from others. The trio is releasing a debut album this year titled, ‘Flowers – Live and Uncut’. Live shows are what the band thrive on, so they hope to deliver a “real raw experience”. You won’t want to miss the lively, groovin’ sounds that Bogan Villa has to offer.

Catch them on Kiva’s main stage at 1:00PM during this year’s MR Fest, Saturday April 29th!

Featured illustration by Allison Belcher.

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