MR Fest Artist Profile: Kairos

By Alexandra Sereno
Music Journalist

Kairos is a local jazz, reggae, funk fusion band that will be playing their first festival at MR Fest on April 29 at Valentino’s. The bandmates are Jacob Michael (guitar/vocals), Brent Miller (bass/vocals), Calvin “Caliente” (keyboard/trumpet) and Jake Davila (drums). Having been founded in November 2016, Kairos made their debut in the San Marcos music scene at a MAP Studios house show this past February. From then on the band has been making a name for themselves at a variety of venues such as Kiva, Aquabrew and Flamingo Cantina. 

kairos sierre
Catch Kairos at MR Fest this weekend. Photo by Sierra Schuette.

I find that when listening to these guys I just can’t seem to sit still. Their music flows so smoothly that just about anyone can find themselves dancing . The band has been known to do whatever the “funk” they want delivering “catchy melodies, rich harmonies, tasty horn-lines and irresistible grooves” that are sure to leave a lasting impression. The four man band is heavily influenced by Sublime, The Roots and Slightly Stoopid. Kairos is currently in process of creating their own material for an upcoming EP. You can check out some of their music here. If you’d like to keep up with the band’s events check out their Facebook. After MR Fest you can catch Kairos jamming at the Martian Arts Festival this May.

Featured image by Alexandra Sereno.

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