Shaker Hymns Lives Up To Its Name

By Martin Ramirez
Live Blogger

The third band to shake up MR Fest at the Buzz Mill was Austin-based band, Shaker Hymns. Immediately after setting up, Shaker Hymns garnered a large crowd and proceeded to rock out. After the first two acts being mellow and soulful sounds, this band was a welcomed abrupt change of pace.

As soon as they began to play, it was clear these guys were here for one thing: to own the stage. Lead vocalist, Nyles Robakiewicz, began to move jam out and dance around. Every member of the band was into the music, playing non-stop for three songs.

So far, Shaker Hymns has been the best to engage the audience and get them to rock out with them as they played their song, “How to Love.” The band’s pianist, John Michael said how they formed is a long story. “It all began at Levi’s,” he said, laughing.

The band formed after Julian Emmerson, the drummer, met Robakiewicz while working at a Levi’s outlet store. Emmerson’s roommate was Michael, who originally joined the band on a temporary basis, but said he’s been sucked into it.

Madeline Hegemamm was at the Buzz Mill, and stood out because she seemed to be really into the music. It was easy to see why. “I think they’re awesome,” Hegemamm said. “The lead singer is my best friend,” she continued with a laugh.

Hector Sifuentes also knows the band, and said their style of music usually isn’t what he likes to listen to. “I don’t like country music, but I really like the style he brings,” Sifuentes said, referring to  Robakiewicz. “I can feel the soul. It can be any genre, but if there’s soul in the music I like it.”Anyone who hears Shaker Hymns would agree. The soul in their music is hard to ignore.

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