Surf Curse: Nothing Yet Review

By Sawyer Stull
Music Journalist

Artist: Surf Curse
Album: Nothing Yet
Released: January 13, 2017
Label: Danger Collective Records

Surf Curse is a lo-fi, surf rock band coming from Reno, Nevada. The surf duo consists of guitarist Jason Rubeck and drummer Nicholas Rattigan. They have been releasing music together since 2015 putting out two projects Sad Boys and Buds. The pair is back with their third project, Nothing Yet, which released at the end of January.

Surf Curse By Matthew James Wilson
Photo courtesy of Matthew James Wilson.

The feel of the album is what Surf Curse fans would be accustomed to with the only difference being an increase in production value. The album holds true to the band’s sound of fast paced surf-punk filled with angst and a sprinkle of gloom. The third track “The Strange and the Kind” is one of the highlights of the album. For a band consisting of only two members they produce a very full, well rounded sound. The song starts out with just guitar and drums before stirring in some vocals, leading to a pre-chorus that swells like a wave before breaking. The fifth track on the album “Cronenberg” is another high point on this great album. The song is a little faster paced than most of the songs with added reverb and delay on the vocals. One of the closing tracks on the album, “All Is Lost”, is a great end to the album. The track hits on all the things that Surf Curse does. They do great delivering a full, well rounded song that makes one feel like they’re bombing a massive hill.

All in all Nothing Yet is another great work from Surf Curse delivering more of the same, but with better quality. It’s nice seeing a band that doesn’t lose sight of themselves once they get that higher production quality. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and give them a listen on any of the many streaming services.

Featured image courtesy of Eduardo Luis.

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