Dominic Angelella: Goodnight, Doggies Review

By Kristin Russell
Music Journalist

Artist: Dominic Angelella
Album: Goodnight, Doggies
Release Date: Feb 3, 2017
Twitter: @drgnkingDOM

There’s something eerily comforting about listening to an album that seems to describe the exact situation you’re in. It makes you feel more whole. Dominic Angelella does an incredible job with his solo debut, Goodnight, Doggie. He genuinely expresses the pain that accompanies long relationships into a lucid, cathartic album.  Though this is his first solo album, Angelella is no amature in the music world. He has worked with incredibly talented artists like Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Tinashe. His experience with a wide variety of artists shows in how cohesively he incorporates these styles into his music to create a tight-knit record.

Traditionally a basilisk is this huge, menacing reptile that will kill you if you look at them, so it’s fitting that his first track compares one to a lover. He first contemplates what happened in the  relationship asking himself where his vision went. Ultimately, his answer is “Scattered and cynical I’ll be your doormat, your dog.” This depicts the cyclical struggle people go through in relationships summed up in one thought provoking song. It’s mellow and relaxing and gives the opportunity to be present. The lyrics are poetic and dismally wistful, but they also offer a moment for closure.

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