Let the Celebrations Begin: NFL Will See Change in Celebration Rules

By Olivia Chaney
Sports Reporter

According to NFL.com, on Tuesday March 23rd the Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has announced that the league will relax the rules it recently had on player touchdown celebrations. Goodell says that he wants the players to have “more room to have fun after they make big plays”.

Let’s welcome back the Victor Cruz salsa, 6 foot 7, Jimmy Graham’s slam dunks on the goal post and Odell Beckham Jr’s famous dance moves. I’ve been waiting for the league to lighten up on the touchdown celebration penalties because it takes away from the excitement of the amazing play that was made. Touchdown celebrations are what give players freedom to express their passion for the game and help the fans easily identify their favorite players on the field. The celebrations also allow the fans to be able to interact with the player by joining in on the excitement and doing their signature moves.

Will this new ruling hurt the future of football games? Of course not; if anything, it will help the game because there won’t be any stoppage of play for “unsportsmanlike conduct” from the flags given to players by the referees. The game of football is three hours long and plays aren’t like basketball where each team is scoring every ten to fifteen seconds, so there is time allotted for players to interact with the fans with their celebrations before the field goal team positions themselves on the field to finish the play from the touchdown.

Featured image by Justin Leal.

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