The Future

By DeMornay Harper
Blog Content Contributor

I was definitely not the type to consider myself a “kids person” up until a few years ago. I was thrown for a loop when the summer after my senior year of high school, babysitting suddenly became my best job option. Slowly but surely, I ventured into this newfound title with apprehension. I went in with no idea what these kids would expect from me or what to expect from them. 

I ended up just doing what felt right. I never talked down to them or treated them like babies. I told them stories about my life and listened to theirs in return. I ran around with them and got involved in their imaginary games. I immersed myself in these kids and I got so much in return. They run and jump, play and sing, laugh and cry without abandon. I feel like we can all take guide from this. We should all strive to be as shamelessly vulnerable as these young souls. Their hearts are so big and porous that they just absorb everything around them like sponges.

The perspective of a child is a truly beautiful one. There is such rawness to their view of the world. With all of the excuses that we begin to make for others and ourselves as we grow older this viewpoint is so simple and wise.

Our future is our children; the youth of today dictates the shape of tomorrow. Try and be around these captivating minds more often. Listen to them and treat them with respect; that goes so much further than ignoring them and trivializing their struggles. They are uplifting little humans and their honesty is refreshing. They have added so much to my own life and I know they can do the same for you.

Featured image by DeMornay Harper.

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