Game of Thrones: Season 7 Premiere Recap

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By Allison Johnson
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It was not even ten minutes into Winter, until a very fierce Stark had us cheering. Walder Frey, orchestrator of the Red Wedding, was presenting a toast to his family. If your memory is not clear of Walder’s fate, you might have thought this was a flashback, or Bran warging into the past. You also might have forgot Arya learned a lot from The Many-Faced god during the last season. At the end of season six, under her servant disguise, Arya served Walder a pie of made of his own sons, then preceded to cut his throat.

The premiere opens with Walder making a toast to his family. “I’ve gathered every Frey who means a damn thing.” Which who are really the people who helped him kill the Starks at the Red Wedding. As they drink, everyone is in shock that “Walder” is killing them. Walder starts to rant about how they did not slaughter every Stark. “That was your mistake” and it was. Arya then reveals herself, but before leaving she tells them, “When they asked what happened here, tell them the North remembers. Tell them that winter came for House Frey.” Arya, sweetie you are doing amazing!!

Before we get to Winterfell, Bran Stark is getting a glimpse of the white walkers, and I have to say, seeing Wun Wun as a walker really made me sad! He sacrificed his life for Jon and the rest of the North to defeat the awful Ramsey Bolton. We are back in Winterfell, and Jon Snow is holding a meeting. During this panel, Sansa is putting in her two cents and thank you Sansa, you are also doing amazing sweetie. Do not get me wrong, I love Jon and want to see him on the throne, but Sansa is smarter than we all think. An issue that was brought up at the meeting was the castles. Bless Jon Snow’s heart, he was trying to be the most civil leader there is, but this is what got a lot of people killed. Alys Karstark, and another younger traitor pledged their loyalty to Jon, and Sansa does not look happy that people are not being punished for treason and not being rewarded for loyalty. If Jon is smart, he would to listen to Sansa. She admits she learned a lot from Cersei.

Sansa Stark would be a great hand to Jon on the throne. Photo via IMDb.com.

Cersei sends a raven to Jon telling him to bend the knee, and of course if he does not, to expect death, because what else would Cersei do? Cersei likes to think she has the throne for good, especially now since her children are dead, including some enemies. And can we please talk about how she did not care that Tommen died? “He betrayed me, he betrayed us.” Cersei is crazy. Her youngest baby boy, and the nicest King Westeros has seen in a long time committed suicide because of his evil mother’s wildfire scheme. Just thinking about it is making me think of Cersei’s smirk with her glass of wine held up to her chin. Her go to look when people are dying is iconic, but wicked. Euron Greyjoy has sailed to King’s landing in hope of becoming Cersei’s king, so he can take the throne with her. However, she does not trust him. After having his proposal rejected, he says he will return for King’s Landing.

Some extra stuff I loved in this episode was Ed Sheeran’s cameo. His beautiful voice is what caught Arya’s attention while riding for King’s Landing. Will that song he was singing be on Spotify? Let me know. He is in shock that she is riding for King’s Landing, considering the condition it is in. Arya tells him and the other men with him she is going there to kill the Queen. They laughed at her. Little do they know, she’s got some Many-Faced god tricks up her sleeve. I believe in Arya, I have never seen a woman more dedicated to a kill list since Kill Bill. As for Sam Tarly, I am glad he is getting the word to Jon about a mountain of dragon glass, and I hope he helps Jorah out with a cure for greyscale. Sam is going through the worst part of becoming a Maseter, but I am happy he has Gilly and baby Sam by his side.

Also, The Hound is a changed person or at least that is what it seems like. He buried the father and daughter that housed and fed him and Arya a while back. Now that he has some faith in being a good man, he also developed a little faith in the Lord of the light. He sees the walkers in the fire. The long night is coming. Maybe, everyone will truly band together for the fight. Then, finally, Daenerys! I am so happy she is home in Dragonstone. “Shall we begin?” Of course, love. Take what is yours.

Featured image via IMDb.com.

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