Misplaced Affection

By Dedrion Weweh
Blog Content Contributor

When I received my first pet, I was 18 years old with a minimal interactive upbringing involving animals. Little did I know, they also become members of the family. College facilitates pet-ownership and San Marcos is a conducive area for animal enthusiasts with a deeply embedded community. Texas State University’s student body embraces pets and animals so openly and whole-heartedly.  

My cats, Berry and Benny, lounging on my bed. Photo by Dedrion Weweh.

My first pet was an elderly, domestic long-hair cat named Smokey whose color indicated his name. Smokey was given to me and my roommate, Joe, at the time from a previous roommate we shared due to the fact he was going to be put down since his previous owner could no longer care for him. At the time I was experiencing a lot of doubt, uncertainty, and separation anxiety from my family being three hours away from family and a freshman in college. Smokey originally started off as an object for my misplaced affection, being a significant source of comfort. But over time his charm and love swayed my approach, not just towards Smokey, but to animals as a whole. When I would return home after a long day at work, my handsome cat would come to the door to greet me with an inviting meow and sweet purr as he would rub himself against my leg. When I had to part ways with my beloved, it dawned on me how much he really meant to me. His company was always cherished, and my love for him became everlasting.

Fast forward several years later, and I now am the proud owner of two cats, a couple of guinea pigs, and a large school of a variety of fish in a freshwater tank. Being a student at Texas State is nice as so many students are alike in regards to their love, dedication, and value for animals. My pets have made me realize the rewards of pouring time and energy into those you love. The better revelation is that pets can open people up in unimaginable ways, and induce comfort in ways other things cannot.

Featured image by Austin Cowan.

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