Concert Review: MGMT at Float Fest

By Brooke Vega
Music Journalist

It is the band most people listened to at some point in their teenage years, MGMT. When the Time To Pretend EP came out in 2005 with the hits “Kids” and “Time To Pretend,” MGMT caught a lot of people’s attention. The psychedelic band definitely brought the psychedelia to life on stage. The fact that MGMT never really comes to Texas made the show even more special since they were actually in town right along the San Marcos River. They are just one of those must-see bands if you grew up listening to them.

Throughout MGMT’s set, their visuals were insanely good. The mixture of strange animations and a slow-motion colorful blur had the aesthetic of an old VHS tape. My favorite song they performed was “Congratulations”. They performed a few new songs from their upcoming album, Little Dark Age, that should be out in the fall. Their songs are pretty soothing and hazy in general, but driven by lead vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden’s angelic voice it was like a daydream. MGMT’s performance was not too soft or too loud. They made their set an extreme chill-out for fans.

Towards the end of MGMT’s set, they played some of their top hits that everybody knows: “Time To Pretend,” “Kids” and “The Youth”. “Electric Feel” is the song you listened to with the windows down, screaming the lyrics on the way to school; I know I am guilty of this. MGMT closed out with this song, the beat was electrifying the crowd to twirl around and get groovy. Their performance was one of my favorites from the festival because I have been wanting to see them since I was in high school and it was complete nostalgia.

Featured image by Brooke Vega.

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