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By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

In a world full of booming technology, it is no secret that we are seriously addicted to our phones. We use them to tell time, to show us where we are going, and to communicate and connect with other people. There are also other unconventional ways we use our phones, like to get out of uncomfortable social situations that involve making eye contact or being around strangers and even to distract us from boring lectures.

Though technology advancement has never been considered horrible, the enslavement of ourselves through technology is. We have become so attached to our phones that we do not even realize that we are slaves to them. This is already widely known though, as multiple researchers have done studies and written papers on the effects of phones on humans. I want to do something different and show you how we can connect more with the people around us instead of unknowingly ignoring them to check our phones.

A year ago, I started “Face It Down” so I could take control of my life and stop letting every social gathering be about my phone. I tell myself these three words every time I notice I have been on my phone a lot. Then, I quickly turn my phone face down and start paying attention to my surroundings. I even go as far as to put my phone on silent or do not disturb.

“Imagine how many times we have missed incredible things just to check our twitter and snapchat for hours.” Photo by Brittney Hemmands. 

The point is to start noticing the beauty of life around you and to actually talk to and enjoy the company of the friends you have around. As soon as I face my phone down, I realized how much I was actually missing. Imagine how many times we have missed incredible things just to check our twitter and snapchat for hours. Also, stepping out of comfort zones is one of the hardest things to do. Without a phone to escape, it gives that extra push to want to connect with other people you may pass by or sit next to regularly. There are so many breath-taking moments in life; however, we miss these moments when we are looking down instead of looking up.

Phones are amazing inventions, but sometimes we get so consumed in them without even knowing it. Instead of spending your time scrolling through your feed for hours, go see a sunset with a friend or take an adventure trip to a place you have wanted to go for a long time and connect with other people. We were given the ability to see the wonderful world for what it is and to make life-changing friendships, yet we rarely use that gift. So next time you find yourself on your phone and catch yourself accidentally ignoring what is around you, remember- Face It Down, look up.

Featured image by Asia Daggs. 

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