Should Ladies Make The First Move?

By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

It is 2017 ladies, I guess it is time for us to accept that some men want to wear rompers, and some men just want us to approach them first.

I am going into my third year of college and I still have a hard time trying to hit on a guy first. There are a lot of good looking guys here at Texas State and it is intimidating. You are hilarious if you think I am going to walk up to the guy in my B-law class and ask him how it is going or even flirt with him. I think I would rather conquer my fear of cockroaches before I did that.

Since I came to college I have met some handsome guys and sometimes I am like wow he thinks I am cute too. Now, I only know that he thinks I am cute and possibly even cool because he made the first move. Girls love reassurance, so if guys approach us first we know we can put in effort because the guy did. It is just so much easier when men approach me because if the feeling is mutual I can easily let them know, plus if it wasn’t, I would kindly let them know. Now how would a guy signal to me that he wants me to walk away from him at a party or if he wants to keep the conversation going?

Here is the most agonizing part, us girls, well most of us will not verbally say that we like you or that we are enjoying your company. It is just a thing you guys need to know. Just because we do not say it directly, does not mean we are not saying it though. 99.9999% of the time, I specifically say or do something for you to know I am trying to get your number or at least get your Instagram handle, so I can see your perfect face on my timeline. I would say both men and women can be a little clueless on this subject, so I asked some friends for help.

I sat down with Julian and Allan to ask for some advice on how to approach men in different settings. I prefer to hear men talk about things like this, rather than asking one of my girls for advice.

Featured image by Allison Johnson. 

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