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Yes, We Do Need Jesus

todayAugust 6, 2017 6 1

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By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor 

If you read my blog about non-biological human engineering, you would know that I am a Christian. I am still getting to know God, which I feel is fine because I know if I am going to work on a relationship with anyone for the rest of my life it should be with him. I also grew up going to church almost every Sunday with my parents. When they divorced, I went through one of the toughest times in my life, and that led me to an even deeper relationship with God. Now it is nowhere perfect, and I am not either, so I will not be telling you a testimony and all of that. However, short story short, I do think this country needs Jesus.

Now I do not mean this country needs Jesus in the way people on social media may think it does. I do not think this country needs Jesus when I see people of the same sex in love or when I hear someone drop the F-bomb… because are you serious? It is 2017, are we still appalled when someone says a curse word when they are telling a story?

Believe it or not, Tosh grew up as the preacher’s kid. Photo via Comedy Central.

I do not think this country needs Jesus when I see a girl on Instagram in a bikini or when I see a kid in a viral video dancing to a song some might think is too trashy and “trap.” I do not think this country needs Jesus when I see Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem. I was shocked to see the huge response that Kaepernick received. Like Daniel Tosh said… “Do any of you have it on your iPod?” Kidding, but seriously, there is so much more to the meaning of needing Jesus.

I guess what I am getting out is that you can get a lot further with whatever religion you claim when it truly is a peaceful, personal relationship with the God you believe in. I am not saying religion needs to be 100% private or to never share the gospel, but God will work in the way that you need him to when you are kind and a lot less worried about what others do.

Do not underestimate the power of prayer and seeking some type of faith that will keep you becoming a better you. Soon, your future boss is going to need you to be the best you, you can be. So will your future spouse, your children, and just anyone you want to keep around you for a long time.

Featured illustration by Joseph Wallace

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