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By DeMornay Harper
Blog Content Contributor

New Orleans, Louisiana is alive. The streets buzz and bump with music. The air carries an unashamed attitude. Culture spills from its very full cup at every turn. Coming from a sheltered suburban upbringing, one would not think that I would be so in love with this city that is known for the grimy taste that is left in your mouth after you leave it, but I do. A taste that is only expected after you see cockroaches’ out in the streets and people throwing up from intoxication at nine am. There is something to say about being unapologetic and New Orleans is definitely authentically herself.

Photo 3 (2)
The colors of the French Quarter never cease to amaze me. Photo contributed by Briana Blueitt.

She has been hurt over and over. The people of NOLA tend to feel like no one cares about them and one can see why. This city has rebuilt itself on its own ashes time and time again and you can feel that energy when you are there. The idea of history and the sweat of the past is something that you cannot avoid when you are looking down he streets of this city. She forces you to see her history and her worst parts but still accept her for who she is because she accepts herself.

There is so much joy in this place. This is not the kind of southern hospitality that we see in Texas that can be served with big helping of obligation. This is a friendliness that is so genuine because it is not the rule. The people of New Orleans are not extra in their delivery but they seem to care just enough to make you feel like they really want to be there. The people of this place are different from anyone else I’ve met. I definitely saw some characters and quite a few shady fellas but its all part of the NOLA experience.

The French Quarter is beautiful and so well maintained it is a wonder how it has held up so well and for so long. Especially considering the physical damage that this region has endured. New Orleans and its population are survivors. The locals have this spirit that exudes from their very pores.

NOLA is arguably the best quick vacation for a Texas college student to take who wants to get out of the state. It is cheap and relatively close in distance (Texas, man). I am so excited to go back in a few weeks and then hopefully again in October. I highly recommend taking a visit if you have not. I was pleasantly surprised with my time there. Go with an open mind and soul, you will love it.

Featured image contributed by Briana Blueitt.


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  1. mzcakez on August 16, 2017

    Wonderfully written. Love how you saw my people, I wish more wld see us with your eyes. With all the lost, pain and lack New Orleans and the ppl who make her what she is continue to push on with a smile and open arms to anything that life brings. Thank you!

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