How to Manifest Travel

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By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

Most of us dream of drinking margaritas by foreign beaches, eating exotic food in different places, or learning new cultures while meeting new people. Although it is easy to imagine living a simple and pleasurable life that consists of travel, it is more difficult to turn those dreams into reality. We have jobs, family, and rent to attend to, so it makes financial stability seem hard when thinking about going on vacation. What if it was possible to go on any trip you wanted, regardless of your situation? The idea may seem insane and even absurd, but it is possible. I know this for a fact because in May 2016, I went on my dream vacation to the beautiful countries of France, England, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

I absolutely loved the Eiffel Tower. I can’t wait to return! Photo by Brittney Hemmands.

The trip seemed impossible, as my family has never had the finances to even think about going across the globe. My mom had lost touch with her family in France and Europe, so it became something to look forward to after I graduated and had a career. This vacation was not one of luck or even chance, but it was manifested after using the Law of Attraction. For those of you who have taken a look at my last article titled “The Secret to Getting Everything You Want”, you know that “like attracts like” is the main rule of the Law of Attraction. At that time, I was not too familiar with the law, but now I realize exactly why I got what I wanted. There are three things that are important to do when trying to manifest travel: speak it, visualize it, and live it.

Before going to Europe, I was obsessed with the idea of going to Paris. I was taking French classes to get more in tune with my culture, watching French films, and pinning pictures of the Eiffel Tower to my vision board. I would talk to my best friend about how badly I wanted to go, while still being detached from the outcome. When I had free time, I would daydream about what I would do when I set foot in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I lived life like I knew I was going to France eventually, and that is when things were set in motion. In December 2015, my mother reconnected with her family in France and later bought our tickets to five countries. We were able to avoid hotel charges by staying with her aunts and uncles; her family was so thrilled to see us. They drove us around to explore the beauty of their cities and I loved it!

The secret to manifesting travel is not some magical equation that you need to do to receive what you want. It is simple; if you believe it, you will receive it. It may seem too easy, but is it not human nature to want to have to work towards something? Let this be a reminder that you are deserving and if you want to manifest travel, detach from the outcome and live like you already have it.

Featured image contributed by Brittney Hemmands.

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