What Your Horoscope Doesn’t Tell You

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By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

When I was first introduced to astrology, I learned that the day you were born determined your sign. Once I found my sign, I was quickly directed towards horoscope articles that showed up on my yahoo and twitter pages. Horoscopes can range from daily to monthly and they tend to vary depending on what site you go to, but they all have one thing in common- they are known to forecast a person’s future. As an intuitive being, I have always been skeptical about horoscopes before even doing my research. How exactly could my sign determine what was going to happen to me? When I decided to go deeper into astrology and study the affects of planetary positions, I realized a few things that horoscopes do not actually tell you. Whether or not you believe in horoscopes or not, here are a few astrological facts that may change your mind on what you initially thought of the notion.

You Have Multiple Signs 

zodaicchart (1)
This birth chart shows the planetary positions and the different signs that correlate. Photo via Cafe Astrology.

This may come as a shock, but you actually have more than one sign. The one you learn about initially is called your sun sign, which embodies what you most identify with and what you like and dislike. This is why horoscopes mostly go off of this sign, but the sun is only one of the ten planets that determine how we are. Your date, time, and place of birth determine where the planets were aligned when you entered the world. This includes your moon, how you emotionally react to people and situations, and your venus, how you show love to people and what you take pleasure in. There is also your ascendant/rising, which is the sign that was on horizon on your birth and determines how you appear to people when they first meet you. There are a lot of different factors in astrology that determine your personality, so it is impossible to predict the future with just one out of your many signs. To find out your astrological birth chart visit

The Future Changes

This one is a little more obvious, but it is important to remember. The future is forever changing and although planetary positions may help determine when it is the best time for you to enter a relationship or make a business deal, it is difficult to predict the future from a horoscope based on your sun sign. The future is mostly a result of the present, whether that be what actions you choose, what beliefs you focus on, or what spiritual growth you go through. The future can also be the result of your thoughts, so if you truly believe that you will get that relationship or business deal, it is bond to come to you by the Law of Attraction. Keep this is mind because although future predictions may come true, they can also be inaccurate.

Information is Limited

When I was researching horoscopes, I went on different websites to confirm what I already knew. Not one of the horoscopes are the same. With the sun sign being the main ingredient for predicting the future, you would think the sites would at least have an underlying common theme. Well they did, but it was not the actual predictions being similar, it was the use of broad statements. Horoscopes do not have to be detailed to where and when the prediction will happen, but they could at least be more than one broad sentence. Because of limitation of knowledge, it is difficult to draw conclusions on what will really happen in the future.

While horoscopes can help you determine if you want to manifest certain things in your life like a new relationship or better health, they cannot tell you exactly how the future is going to be. However, you can use the predictions given to you to work on yourself and write down specifics of what you want to happen, which may turn into your future after all.

Featured illustration by Lily Conner.


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