Kid Abstrakt and The Deli: Daydreaming Review

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By Neil Manning
Music Journalist

Artist: Kid Abstrakt and The Deli
Album: Daydreaming
Release Date: August 20, 2017

Kid Abstrakt and The Deli released their first collaborated album, Daydreaming. The Deli released an album earlier this year, Encounters. It was filled with beats that he produced, but in this latest effort he finds a smooth pairing in the form of Kid Abstrakt. Daydreaming seems to effortlessly flow from song to song, while still enticing you with catchy beats to nod your head along.

This 26-minute album feels like a cool car ride, as you’re cruising along a coastal highway. Each beat and rhyme seems perfectly fit and grooves with each other. The album’s first twenty seconds begin with the ambiance of the beach, while slowly drawing you in with the emergence of the beat. This opening really captures the right feeling as you’re enjoying the calm sounds of the beach. The sound of waves crashing and seagulls really set up the album. “Daydreaming” is the opening track that sets this mood with a relaxing vibe. The hook is accurate, as you can’t help but sit back and enjoy the ride. “O Sonhador” continues this feeling, with a soothing beat and a fitting rap over it. It continues this easygoing drive that’s set up. In the next track, “The Journey,” we go through a tunnel as it isn’t as light as the previous tracks. It feels a bit heavier, but still maintaining the relaxing vibe. The production on this song is the highlight, as you can feel the beat dance around your ears while not having too much going on. After we get through this tunnel, we get to a bit of a calm in, “Sunrise in Copacabana Interlude.”

After the interlude, we enter a city as “Good Vibes” starts. You can’t help but “move your body from side to side,” as the track says. Slik D provides a verse that flows well, while Kid Abstrakt continues with his soothing rap. This road we’re on has started to raise in altitude, as we go into the next track, “Clouds.” The vocals on this track really capture you, as it is not like the previous tracks. Each verse brings something new and the chorus is unique, but it doesn’t take you off this mellow experience. As we bring the ride back down, we hit “Illusions.” This track continues a bit of a new tale (like the last song), but brings back a bit of familiarity. It doesn’t stray off too far, as the connection between beat and lyric is still prominent. As this ride ends, we find ourselves at our destination in “Young Dreamer.” While the chorus doesn’t always feel right, the verses are what really drive it all home. This ending leaves you on a positive vibe, as if the whole ride was worth it. An optimistic look onto the unforeseeable future.

This album from Kid Abstrakt and The Deli shows that their music can take you on a journey and keep you entertained the whole way. Hopefully this isn’t the last of their efforts as their chemistry should continue with the way Daydreaming turned on.

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