Cat Duo Puts on a Show

By Andrew Zimmel
Sports Reporter

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Host Andrew Zimmel and Co-Host Brenden Snow talk a wide range of topics ranging from Texas State Men’s Basketball’s upcoming season with Head Coach Danny Kasper to the NFL Draft coming to Dallas, Texas.

The show starts with the guys’ break down on upcoming NFL Draft and some of the players that will mostly likely get picked this April. Dallas being one of the backbones of the NFL landscape, hosting the draft is a nice new look. The duo breaks down the breaking news about USA Gold Medal Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney, and her accusations of assault against USA Team doctor Larry Nassar; a situation that will be watched.

The Texas State Football team was discussed, negatively. The Bobcats have the longest losing streak against FBS teams with 15 as the lead, with UMass knocking on the door with their 14 straight losses. The Bobcats will have a chance to get their first Sun Belt win against Coastal Carolina next weekend.

At the 11:30 mark, Head Coach Danny Kasper called in and helped explain how the Bobcats look to continue with the success the team found last season. Zimmel and Snow also broke down the Volleyball and Soccer teams recent success and what that means going into the playoffs.

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